Friday, May 13, 2016

Utah Gathering: Arrival

I woke before 6:00 AM and in time to catch the sunrise, purely by chance or rather, at the insistence of my bladder mind you.

Near Dinosaur, CO

I packed everything up onto Scarlett and off we went in the clear chilly air of this Utah morning.  Soon we were at the decent-sized town of Vernal where I had breakfast at McD's.

Vernal: Gateway to the Dinosaur National Monument

The rest of the morning was quite enjoyable canyon roads riding for the most part.  Some pretty lakes and very forested canyons were enjoyed by both Scarlett and I.

As I turned South onto Utah 189 from US40, the majestic mountain called Timpanogo appeared before us and we had to stop for pictures.  The resort is close to the base of these mountains.

Before I went to the front desk at the resort, I rode Scarlett up the Alpine Look Road that leads past the resort all the way to the end where a gate barred further progress.  The road is still closed for the winter.

 You can see the closed gate on the right

 Views of Timpanogo and the peaks around it

I got to the Sundance Mountain Resort (created/owned by Robert Redford) and was told the room wasn't ready yet.  So I had lunch while waiting for my room to be ready for me to check in.  $15 for a burger!  You'd think I was at a ski resort or something, oh wait, I am.

My fellow co-workers started arriving as I finished lunch and I joined them for greetings and hugs as they waited for their respective lunches.  As I'd already eaten, I went and got my room key, and checked into my swanky digs for the next couple of days.  I must say, very nice accommodations.


RichardM said...

The Sundance Mountain Resort, pretty nice digs for your company meeting. It sounds like a good company that values it's employees.

redlegsrides said...

The company definitely doesn't stint on lodgings for these gatherings. We all work remote so it's sometimes the only time I see my fellow staff members. Doing so in comfortable environments helps a lot.

SonjaM said...

Nice location! Reminds me of the appreciation weekend our staff got in Whistler back in 2012... good times. I guess with you guys working remotely they save a lot on office space ;-)

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, this company doesn't stint on lodging! But you make a fair point, all the money saved by not maintaining office space!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous images! Love the lake and mountain photo.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the kind words Motoventures...