Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sunset Clouds and a Colorado Sunrise

Sunset Clouds

Not much of a sunset yesterday evening, but it was not bad in terms of temperatures, probably in the low 80's and a slight breeze.

In a sign which I am hopeful means the fires out west are being brought under control, the skies were not as hazy and one could even discern the profile of Mount Evans along the Front Range:

The sun would prove not visible as it neared the horizon, so I had to content myself with how it painted the clouds overhead:

As 8:00 PM approached, I went to a local community pool where my youngest son, Miles, has a part-time job as a pool boy.

Scarlett in the pool parking lot
(that's the low beam)

I think I like the angle better on the first shot of the brick tower next to the pool.  What do you think?


Today I got out of bed earlier than usual (been pretty lazy lately) and managed to get out of the house before Sunrise which was at 6:22 AM.  I lost some time as I didn't have a specific spot picked out as I do with my Sunset picture rides.

Instead, I looked to the brightening eastern horizon and mentally picked a spot solely based on cloud position and where the light from the sun was beginning to paint them a yellowish glow.

I ended up a little north of Quincy Road, a few miles east of its junction with Gun Club Road.  This portion of the road is bordered by deeply sloping terrain, allowing me to be "below" the rig for the shots.

 I barely got the rig in place before the sun started peeking from
below the eastern horizon

On the way home, a rainbow shone in spite of the rising
sun's effort to quench it with its brighter light.

Not a bad way to start the day, eh?


RichardM said...

Really beautiful photos. I like the low angle of the tower photo as well and the wonderful clouds in the sunsets.

SonjaM said...

Oh, it's a Ural commercial, again. Dom, these pics are wonderful, and the rig looks perfect in the sun sets and rises.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, ironically things didn't look very promising in both settings

redlegsrides said...

URAL commercial, I like that. Thanks Sonja.

Unknown said...

You take some truly amazing photos, I wish I had the eye for choosing shots like you're able to see. At least in Oregon, we still have some large fires out of control. In my area two that are over 70,000 acres each that keep jumping lines, we're hoping for some rain.

Thanks for the pictures and I think I like the first one better, but they're both great, just different !


redlegsrides said...

Thank you Don Hamon for your comments and kind words. Hopefully you all in Oregon get that rain you're hoping for, and lots of it. Recent fires in Colorado, reduced our ground cover to the point that when rains came later on, it resulted in flash floods, epic ones.

Hopefully Oregon's soil is more absorbent than Colorado's clay.

Trobairitz said...

Such great shots Dom. I like the first one of the tower, I agree that the angle is better.

We had quite a gully washer storm come through in the wee hours. Hopefully it is headed over the Cascade's towards Don's area. Maybe the lightning will stop by then. Was nice to see everything soaked.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz, for both the kind words and the rain update!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures with beautiful light!