Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lunch with Brigitta

And by lunch I mean it was about 45 minutes of riding under brilliantly sunny skies with a few puffy clouds to provide balance.

The thermometer at the house said 57 degrees Farenheit but it felt much warmer under the warm sun.

Mount Evans was not too hazy in the distance and so I went to a spot on Jewell Avenue where it parallels the fence line of Buckley Air Force Base for pictures.

There was nearby road construction of some sort so there was some photoshop work necessary to erase evidence of the construction vehicles and orange traffic cones.

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VStar Lady said...

Looks like a great way to spend lunch to me!

RichardM said...

Nice new header photo!

SonjaM said...

Hello, Brigitta. Good to see you again. I wish I could find such spots for lunch but I only get 30 minutes in which you can't get anywhere really...

redlegsrides said...

VStar Lady, I can think of few other things better to do during lunch!

RichardM, thanks on your comment about the new header photo.

SonjaM, Brigitta loves these short outings.....took her out again today to see a friend in the hospital, it reminded me of the crappy city traffic I've no longer have to deal with on a daily basis.