Friday, April 03, 2015

Back Home

Got back home this afternoon, after a set of long driving days.


Visit my parents.  Mom and Dad are well and seemed happy to see the grandsons that I haven't brought to visit in too many years.

Stay with and visit my Brother Carlos and his lovely wife Ling and their two handsome sons, Evan and Nathan.  My nephews didn't remember me, I've been quite the absent uncle so it's my fault, but all was forgiven when they got rides in the sidecar.

See my sister, Ana and her partner Rosa....and see that they're both doing well.

Ride in San Francisco's crappy traffic to pose Scarlett near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ride a small portion of the Pacific Coast Highway, between Half Moon Bay and San Francisco.

Las Vegas seems quite the tourist trap, now I've seen it, and can cross it and Nevada off the ride destination list.

Milli, the PT Cruiser proved capable as a tow vehicle/URV: Ural Recovery Vehicle.  3013 miles driven, no mechanical issues but I think a tow vehicle with a bigger engine is in my future if I continue to pursue the URV concept.

Tried the camping in vehicle concept, it's doable in Milli but the overall concept needs to be re-examined.

Some Thoughts/Observations/Notes:

Yes, more comfortable in a car but there were countless times when scenery presented itself and try as I might, there's no way to make a car pulling a trailer, look good.  Even with a URAL sidecar on top of the trailer!

It takes me 20 minutes to secure the rig, less than that to unload it.

MPG for Milli: 18-21mpg.  Not too bad but not great.  Of course, we were at max towing capacity.

Some truckers really shouldn't be on the road, they're a danger to all around them.

Milli can hold 70 MPH with trailer, all day long.  Up hills though, one must use third gear at times.

For the cars who were passed, on hills, by Milli the URV, should be embarrassed and yes, you should learn how to use lower gears for higher torque.

The UDF doesn't stop when the rig is on a trailer.

The best parts of the trip, family visits aside, were when Scarlett was off the trailer and we were motoring along.

A replacement gas cap for Milli costs $12 and you can ride over 100 miles without one.  I must secure the new one to her so I don't repeat that again.

Something sadder than usual, to be panhandled by a native-american, at a gas station near Monument Valley.

Audio books are key on long drives.  The next tow vehicle will have cruise control.

Twisty roads and the shadows from a setting sun cause one to think one's trailer is about to come loose.  The long shadows cast by the low sun catch one's attention out of the corner of one's eyes.

Started the day in Durango, CO and took US160 all the way to I-25.

 Approaching Wolf Creek Pass from Pagosa Springs on US160

 Mount Blanca

 That patch of sand colored terrain is the 
National Sand Dunes Monument

The mountains in the background are part of the Sangre
de Cristo Mountain Range

Closeup of Mount Blanca

So, is the change in text/background colors making things more easy to read?


RichardM said...

That's quite the list of accomplishments! Camping in a PT Cruiser must be pretty cramped. Nowhere near enough room to stretch out. Of course, there is always the tent...

I'm impressed that you put up with bay area traffic both with the Ural and with a trailer. Neither sounds pleasant. I also really like audio books and pidcasts while traveling and that is the main reason for the Sena SMH10 on the helmet.

After Las Vegas, it must've really felt nice to reach the mountains of Colorado. Thanks for letting us tag along on your road trip!

SonjaM said...

First I thought, that your page might not be building up completely. I waited for the black to show up but nope you fiddled with the design. For me (as a slower reader of the English language anyway) this is much easier to digest, so I wouldn't mind if you keep it that way.

Beautiful landscape! Looks like ideal cruising territory for both, my (and David's) new-to-us bike an your Ural. One fine day...

Trobairitz said...

Welcome home. I bet it was good to be back home with Martha and the kids and to sleep in your own bed.

It sounds like a great trip overall and that it won't be your last towing the Ural to another fun destination.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM...I removed the rear seats...and can barely stretch out. The SFO traffic sucked but not terribly.

SonjaM. Thanks for the feedback on the new "look" for text. And yes, one day....

Trobairitz, yes indeed it was. As to towing the URAL on other trips, possibly.

VStar Lady said...

Sounds like a good trip - don't forget to color in (check) two more states on your map!

redlegsrides said...


David Masse said...

Quite the trip Dom, welcome home!

redlegsrides said...

David Masse, a belated thanks!