Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reno, Nevada

Enroute with Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol Sidecar (on a trailer pulled by the family's spare car aka the expendable car the boys will drive soon).

Exploring the concept of using a trailer to get Scarlett to interesting destinations without spending a lot of time on the super slabs inducing wear and tear that has no scenic value for the most part.

Yesterday, spent it fighting eastbound wind storms in Wyoming on Interstate 80, boy was I glad I wasn't riding the URAL!  It would have probably not even been able to hold 50 mph in the face of the 35-50 mph wind gusts.  Heck, the PT Cruiser was having a heck of a time with the winds!

Still, the PT Cruiser persevered and by the end of the day we were out of the winds and in Utah for a night at a KOA campground where I tried out the sleeping accomodations I'd made within the PT Cruiser.  Results were mixed.  More on that in future posts.

Today, we continued on I-80 westbound with the goal of reaching Reno.  The day went pretty well, things got warmer as we moved west.  Nevada has some nice scenic spots with snow-capped mountains dominating the horizon at several points.

 Not so photogenic eh?

 Somewhere on I-80, in Nevada.
The view of Scarlett that I had each time I looked at
the rear view mirror.

Got to Reno shortly before 6PM Pacific Time, and checked into a hotel I found online away from the downtown area since I was concerned about lots of people walking by the hotel and being curious about Scarlett on the trailer!  

Before anything else though, I got Scarlett off the trailer, geared up and went for a ride.  Damn it felt good to be riding her again.  Sure, driving the PT Cruiser is more comfortable, and out of the elements but its a bit boring you know?

I was chasing the sunset and in the process ended up in the downtown area and cruising near the big casino hotels.  I couldn't find a good spot for a sunset picture so instead went chasing neon.

Circus Circus was advertising rooms for $30 online but
I wondered where I'd end up parking the vehicles!

Kind of like trailering one's Harley to the outskirts of Sturgis, and then unloading it to ride it into Sturgis but what the heck.  Now I can claim I've motorcycled in Nevada.

Tomorrow after a half morning of work, it's a four run to my destination of Palo Alto, CA where I'll be staying with my brother Carlos and his family.  I'll be in the area visiting my parents with my two sons who fly into SFO Friday night.  

Then, once the boys back in Colorado, I'll be heading homewards via the southern route to see what Scarlett and I can see.  Stay tuned.


Trobairitz said...

The older we get I think the more amenable we are to trailering bikes to find good riding areas that would take too long to get to.

At least it really helps in bad weather and when time is limited.

Looks like you are having fun so far.

redlegsrides said...

I've done my share of slab time, this way I arrive somewhat fresh and ready to ride. As to "when time is limited", you are so right, especially when one moves at Ural speed.

RichardM said...

I guess I'm looking forward to a time when the "time is limited" is less of a factor. Ural speed is pretty close to ideal at that point.

Enjoy SF! Do you really intend to ride in SF?

SonjaM said...

I have never trailered the bike, but that doesn't mean I won't do it. I put the hitch on the car for exactly that purpose, although for know we are just hauling the bicycles.

But I am looking forward to that kind of riding when time won't be a factor...

Oz said...

I have ridden out of Texas in June and July and now I prefer to trailer. It is so hot and I can get more miles in a day and get to great places to ride. Looking forward to photos from that area. Drove through Reno in a car over 25 years ago. Nice area.

Bluekat said...

My co-worker used to trailer his bike behind their RV to various events and vacation spots. Of course us other riders had to give him a hard time about that, though in reality I would do it in a heartbeat.