Thursday, March 05, 2015

Clear Winters Day view of Pikes Peak and Castlewood Canyon.

An extended ride today during a quiet period in the work day.  It was clear skies and over ten miles visibility here in the Front Range area of Colorado and the views of Pikes Peak begged to be photographed.

Scarlett and I rode to the usual spot south of the entrance to Castlewood Canyon along CO State Highway 83.  I hope you like the pictures.  The first four are very similar, was playing with the focal length settings to bring distant Pikes Peak even closer to Scarlett's position.

 Pano shot of Pikes Peak (large file)

Since I was near the bridge which spans part of Castlewood Canyon, I took these shots of the snow-covered rocks which form the walls of the canyon.

Finally, a self-portrait of sorts.  I used the remote control feature of the camera and "clicked" the shutter using the related app on my iphone 4s.


Richard M said...

Really nice photos. I especially like the pano shot. I assume that is a feature of the new camera. All sharp with high contrast. The snow covered canyon walls look pretty cool!

Xia D. said...

Love her name - Scarlett! Great pics!

SonjaM said...

+1 on the Pano pic. And a selfie!!!! You should do more of those.

Dar said...

Great pics! What a pretty place you live in!

Charlie6 said...

RichardM. Thanks for the kind words. As to the sharpness and high contrast, the camera does very well on its own but there was post-production processing involved.

Xia. D. Thanks!

SonjaM. Danke. Everyone seems to like the pano of Pikes to selfie's, we shall see.

Dar, thanks, it's a great state....