Monday, April 29, 2013

Uraling in Alaska - Day 24: Waiting for Parts

Jon of Frozen Motor Works has placed the order for warranty-covered parts for my sidecar rig.

It's a complete head assembly to replace the left side head on Valencia's engine.  It should be shipping out today, and hopefully URAL will choose to overnight it to Fairbanks.

I'll get a call from Jon once he has his hands on it and I'll drive the rig over for him to do the swap.

No fuss, no muss re whether they'd cover it under warranty, gotta love that.

Spent most of the morning bs'ing with the airhead guys I've met at the College Coffee Shop.  Overcast day, with snow in the forecast but nothing but small flakes of snow if anything.  Valencia is running normally.


Martha said...

And you will be awarded an A for remote parenting. Oldest thing did well on Spanish test (or so he says), youngest one learned to tie a tie all thanks to the daddy face time!

Stay warm and dry, and again, thanks to the M family for putting up with you

Unknown said...


this is great news ! You can live with Rescue Richard and parent by remote iPhone.

Nice to see Ural stand behind their product, no hassle and up front. Good dealer up there too

It must be killing you to be stationary in one place for so long. Enjoy your free time and relax, it was meant to be

Riding the Wet Coast

GlennandSun said...

Delighted in the support by Ural, and as a professional mechanic, I am really impressed with your 30K mileage prior to trouble in the head. Sun and I are adjusting our planned trip up in your tracks next year on our '13 Gear UP (name: "Stormin' Norman"), based on what you have encountered, so we are hanging on your every detail and experience.
We were wondering if the current weather is considered "normal" for this time of year by the locals? Hoping you will comment on what you do differently and recommend if time was not an issue on you are near completion. Photos are great too! Thanks....GlennandSun

RichardM said...

No, not normal at all. Usually the snow is gone by now and I would've been riding on two wheels for a couple of weeks.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Wonderful there were no hassles with Ural. Hopefully with this repair and the gremlin out of your electrics you be able to move forward with confidence. I do hope you get the parts fast. If you're there much longer Richard will be able to claim you as a dependent :smile)

May all go well,

redlegsrides said...

Dearest Martha....and it only took four tries, now if he can remember the sequence on his own....

BobSkoot...remote parenting does have its challenges and rewards. Yes, this episode is reinforcing my opinion of URAL as a stand by your product company. As to being stationary, yeah, a bit restless but am also you say, it was meant to be. I am getting to know RichardM and his family well too so that's a bennie.

GlennandSun, actually the family I am staying with and the locals I've talked to say that its unusually snowy for this time of year. Usually they're planning on planting their gardens in mid-may, now it's more like end of may. Oh, and they just extended the period where studs are allowed on tires for another two weeks due to the "lingering winter conditions". As to an "after action report", you bet.I try to note things as I go along but will also do a end of trip compilation. I am confident your 2013 GearUP will do great.

CircleBlue, re parts getting here soon...I am hoping that as well...I've been imposing on RichardM's family so long that there's now talk about putting me on the cleaning rotation for the kitchen! ; )