Thursday, April 04, 2013

Prelude to Alaska - Spring Break: Day 5: Sedona

A beautifully sunny day here in Arizona, which although it started a bit cool in Flagstaff would end up nice and warm by the time we arrived in Sedona.

Such nice weather, it inspired the new form of nice weather measurement: The Monkeys Scale!
  • 0 Monkeys: It's damn cold, no one wants to be the passenger in the sidecar
  • 1 Monkeys: The weather is bearable.
  • 2 Monkeys: It's OK weather, not cold or hot.
  • 3 Monkeys: Everyone in the family wants a ride in the sidecar it's so nice outside.
  • 4 Monkeys: Wait a second, that was a rock band!  :)
Today, was a 3 Monkey day, both boys and Martha asked for turns riding in the sidecar as we made our way down to Sedona using State Highway 89A.  Miles got the first turn, riding with me out of Flagstaff and all the way to Slider Rock State Park.

Martha then got a turn riding the sidecar, until we got to the small town of Cottonwood where we had lunch.

The first order of business upon arrival in Sedona, a city known for its eclectic population, vortexes, new age "stuff" and a bit of a hippie culture; was to find the vortex by the city's airport.  Terry K., Patrick's godmother and Martha's nursing school friend who's been traveling with us wanted to check out the vortex so we left the boys and her to that exploration.

While Richard, Martha's dad waited for them to finish; Martha and I did some quick exploring for rock formations:

Near Soldier's Pass

Vortex exploration done, we all rode through the traffic mess that is Sedona and headed west on AZ 89A towards the "Ghost Town" of Jerome, AZ.  The town itself had a pretty interesting museum of how things were back when it was a mining town.  The town's buildings cling to the side of a hill and steep streets are the order of the day when visiting.

The only photo I took while in Jerome....and it was as we exited.

Jerome's history as a mining town was very interesting and the tales told of building sliding down the hillside, the many fires endured by the town and it's eventual decline with the depletion of the mine's ores was well chronicled at the museum.

I found what remains of the town itself crawling with tourists and cars and with Patrick as the monkey, we quickly left the area to go back to Sedona.  I must say, Sedona really hasn't gone out of its way to accommodate easy photography of the many beautiful rock formations its known for.  Too much traffic, not many scenic overlooks and just plain crowded!  I'd hate to go through that city when it's high tourist season!  Still, we managed a few pictures:

 Bell Rock, located by State Highway 179, to the SE of Sedona

 Courthouse Rock, also alongside State Highway 179

 Varied rock formations in and around Sedona

Patrick and I quit Sedona shortly after the above pictures were taken, and in short order were back within the Flagstaff city limits.   Not a lot of distance covered today but it felt like a long day.....I think it was all the traffic.

Video shot by Martha as we rode down from the Sedona Airport


RichardM said...

Beautiful photos of Sedona. The last time I was there was 35 some years ago and it wasn't very crowded at all. But then again it was when it was more towards the Summer and not Spring Break.

Unknown said...


I like those RED rock formations. We nearly made it to Sedona when we were in Flagstaff but we headed north instead deciding that there would be too many tourists and high prices.

I have always wanted to go to Jerome, maybe next time . . .

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Unknown said...

Hi Redleg's Rides!

Been following you for a while now and love your posts and pictures. Did a post this morning on you on; had to after reading about the Monkey Scale, lol. Keep up the awesome work my friend. Ride Safe.

Unknown said...

Hi Redleg's Rides!

Been following you for a while now and love the posts and pictures. Just posted on about your post from April 4, come on a Monkey Scale, lol. Keep up the awesome work my friend. Ride Safe.

SonjaM said...

When we were in Sedona it wasn't empty but ok given that this is a very popular spot. I just love the scenery and the contrasts of red rock against the blue skies.

Unknown said...

Fantastic Pictures. I will come back when I have more time and read some other posts


Unknown said...

Fantastic Pictures. I will come back and read some more when times permits.


redlegsrides said...

RichardM, thanks....I really don't like crowds. The Grand Canyon was worse, and it wasn't even peak season!

Bobskoot, the rock formations are quite beautiful actually...just ruined by having a city built around them.

BrentSuzy, aka BikerMonkey...thanks for the kind words, I am glad you liked the monkey scale.

Cliff, thanks to you as well for your comments.

redlegsrides said...

video added