Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowy Lunchtime Ride

Thursday of this week, we woke to snow-covered landscapes here in the Denver Metro Area.  The weather guessers said this was part of the outer edge of Winter Storm Q and we'd end up getting about four inches of  fluffy snow.

Rode twice today, the first ride was to take my youngest son Miles to school on my sidecar rig Valencia.  Being a teenager, and even though he thought he was running late, he still took a minute to make sure his hair was just right.  Sigh.  You should have seen the look on his face when I reminded him that it was all for naught as he had to wear a helmet for the ride to school!  :)

Still, we motored out of the snowy neighborhood and even the main roads were covered in snow still!  I even had to engage the Ural's 2WD capability in spots to fight the slick road surfaces, especially when the rig was going up even slight inclines!  We made it to school with no issue except for cagers gawking at us and one even stepping out of his car at a stoplight to take a picture of Miles and I.  Cagers!

The second ride was during my lunch break, much fewer cars on the road and I headed out to the ranch style neighborhood to our southwest.  The skies were heavily overcast so no view of the Front Range mountains today.  Still, plenty of snow to play around in and pose Valencia on:

 Towards the end of the riding, I made sure to take a picture as Valencia's 
odometer turned over to 20,000 Kilometers.  
So about 12,000 Miles since I bought her last March.

One final shot, taken on the way home along County Line Road,
I liked the snow-clad geometric shapes presented by the houses in the distance.

We got a decent amount of snow but I fear most of it will be gone from the roads by the weekend, though it does show some promise for nice mountain peak shots if I can manage to wander into the Rockies this weekend.

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Keith - Circle Blue said...

I get people taking my picture when I'm riding in the cold, I can only imagine how much it happens to you with the sidecar...and even more with the sidecar in the snow.

It has taken me three years to get 20,000mi. on my Symba. It will be interesting to see how fast the miles come on the Kymco. I wonder if I can get 12,000miles on it in a year. We'll see.

As always love the photos of the rig in the snow. I'm envious!

RichardM said...

Your photos have the look of the black and white images with only a spot of color. They look great.

Cheng Shin Motorcycle Tires said...

I love snow but I haven't tried to ride while there is snow because I think its dangerous. The photos are good and I love seeing those photos.