Friday, February 08, 2013

Go-Pro Video Camera back online?

Some of my steady readers will recall that my GoPro video camera had fallen off my rig a while back and gotten damaged.  The video output was blurry and unusable and I'd written off the camera.  Calls to GoPro tech support said they didn't repair this camera, instead they offered a 20% discount coupon for a new unit.

I had held off on buying a new unit as I didn't feel like dropping several hundred dollars for a unit that I'd probably drop or damage or lose.  I have that habit you see.  :(

Last night, I figured with nothing to lose, I took the unit apart and tried moving the screw-in lens to see if I could improve the focus.  I had hooked it up to the TV via a special included cable, and was able to observe in realtime what my actions did.

I leave it to you, my readers, to tell me if the repairs/adjustments I made are enough to warrant further usage of this GoPro Camera.

First, is a video of me riding Natasha, my '96 Ural Sportsman ( I do miss her ) on New Years Eve back in 2010:

New Years Eve, 2010.

Here's a video I shot today, with the unit mounted on the side of the gas tank on Brigitta, my '87 BMW R80 airhead.  Please let me know if you think the video output is comparable?  The unit came off the tank near the end of the short ride, but fortunately, I'd dummy-corded it to the frame.  See, I do learn from my mistakes!

February 2012

Here's a different reference video, of Yoshie and I on Skyline Road, which has similar lighting to the test video above:

Skyline Drive
September 2011

I was a bit surprised at how much movement my front wheel has while riding on smooth pavement, maybe its time to service the front shocks again.

Anyways, please leave a comment as to the video quality when compared with pre-crash of the camera's video.
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Gary France said...

The latest video looks good to me. I would say it is certainly good enough to continue using the camera. Good repair job!

I love your video of Skyline Drive, with the high camera position.

RichardM said...

I don't see a good reason to replace a perfectly good camera unless you want to try out the new 4K mode...

I can' see any difference at 720p.

redlegsrides said...

Gary, thanks for the feedback. You're in quite the scenic island right now....

RichardM...the sports videocam field is in flux right now, so many choices, where GoPro reigned, now not so am happy I don't need to get something new. thanks.

Unknown said...


I think your camera works fine. You did a good repair job.

Now you can bang it around more and really use it

Riding the Wet Coast

Kofla Olivieri said...

In my opinion, the video looks a LOT better than the ones I've recorded on my unbroken camera, lol

Riding My Own Biography
NINJA ZX-14 MotoVlog

redlegsrides said...

Kofla, gracias por tu palabras...

Motorcycle Bags said...

The latest video (Feb 2012)is good, you can't tell the camera has ever been broken. In fact it has a better focus than the first. Good job.
I like the background music, makes it sound like a movie :)