Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

A briskly cold day here in the Denver Metro Area, we awoke to about an inch or so of snow in my neighborhood and temperatures in the low 20's.

It's Veteran's Day and once again I rode to Fort Logan National Cemetery located near junction of US-285 and Sheridan Boulevard to pay my respects.

The roads were icy in spots, slushy in others, but with three wheels, not a major issue to deal with.  The traffic was medium as folks were starting to venture from their warm homes.  I arrived at the cemetery with no issue and after getting a little lost at first (usual entrance I use was closed) I found section 44 where the grave site of a friend of mine's son is located.

Brian Joiner was a SSGT in the United States Air Force and he died while in the service of our country, I personally never met this young man but his father and I are friends and I know him to be an honorable man as I am sure Brian was.

 Flanked by Army Men, I know Brian's in good company.

Plot 44, barely half filled back in October 2009 when Brian was 
laid to rest, it's now full up.

Having visited Brian's grave site, I wandered about the cemetery, being reminded once again of all the servicemen and women who've given their all for this country of ours.

 Looking back towards the bell tower of Regis University

 The National Colors were blowing gently in the almost nonexistent winds

Volunteers prepare the grounds for the 11:00 Ceremony
to commemorate all Veterans today.

I don't care for crowds personally, I'd paid my respects and Valencia and I motored home through wet and slushy streets that were starting to dry under the bright sun.  Temperatures had soared into the high 20's by the time I got home.  

The Colors are flying at my house today, I hope they are in yours.  Martha and I extend our thanks to Veterans everywhere, and wish Godspeed to those who man the ramparts today.  I don't know where this great country of ours is going these days, but with the young men and women serving today, I am sure we'll survive our present travails.


Keith - Circle Blue said...

It was rainy and warm here in the morning, but the temperatures are dropping and we may see a snowflake or two in the air, but none on the ground.

I spent some time over at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery today. It, too, continues to grow.

Dom, thanks for serving.

Poustman said...

"I don't know where this great country of ours is going these days, but with the young men and women serving today, I am sure we'll survive our present travails." -Redleg

Those serving do the will of those commanding: their only input is with what attitude they do it. On that score I'm confident they'll acquit themselves with honour. But the direction of the country is only accelerated by the service of the military, for better or worse.

Said respectfully to Redleg, those in military service, and those in government.

redlegsrides said...

Poustman, yes...those who serve today obey the commands of the Commander in Chief, as they willingly swore to do.

But that's the short view. Service to our nation, as they are doing now, will inculcate into them the principles and character traits of patriotic citizens. Traits such as service, honor, duty, country which will frame their actions both during and after their respective tours of service.

It is these men and women, who currently man the ramparts, who'll also have a voice in what direction this country of ours is headed.

It is the men and women who have served, have held the ramparts and stood the watches that currently try and help this nation of ours keep true to the principles on which it was founded. It is, a struggle that in my opinion, we are losing.

The military is viewed upon by many of those in government, mostly those who've never served themselves, as just a tool to further their goals

As to the military's actions accelerating the direction of the country for better or worse.....I am unsure what you mean. The military is the enforcement tool of the government, on the government lies the responsibility and blame. The military's job, which they knowingly perform, is to follow orders. Blindly? No. But obey they must, as that is their oath.

The government and its policies are not subject to review by the military, that duty falls to us citizens. It is unfortunate, in my opinion, that the majority of citizens only care about the government's policies and actions only in so far as it affects "their rice bowls".

Heinlein had it right....

redlegsrides said...

Circle Blue

thanks for your actions on Veteran's Day.