Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Far-Ranging Uralista is coming home to Colorado

John Sharp, a member of a loosely knit group of sidecar riders here in Colorado is coming home


I'd written about his bucket list ride to Alaska on his 2007 Ural Sidecar Rig which started in June. He accomplished this ride with no major issue, continued on to California, then across the USA to Florida and from there to the Northeast of the country and into Canada!

John Sharp's Route, start and end point are in Colorado
Now he's coming home after over six months on the road, his Ural sidecar rig still going strong and providing him miles of smiles.

Other area Uralisti, aka Ural Sidecar Riders and I are planning on meeting up with John at a gas stop in Hudson, Colorado this coming Sunday, the 18th of November to ride with him the final miles to his home in Arvada, CO.
I'd posted about John's Alaska trip before, here's the links:


RichardM said...

I had sort of forgotten about these guest posts. I hed read through the first three segments and was looking forward to future guest segments. BTW, the link for the 4th one doesn't work due to embedded spaces in the URL (%20) instead of hyphens.

It's a pretty good story. I hope he will write about the rest of the trip.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Richard I will fix the link