Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Book Review: Key West Revenge

Absolutely no motorcycling content!

Still, a book so enjoyable to me that I read it in one sitting, finishing it late at night on the same day I got it through the mail.

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Here's my review of it, also posted on amazon.com, where you can buy the book.

Just finished reading this book last night (I couldn't put it down), and like Lee Sweetapple's first book: Vette Head's Not Dead, a thoroughly enjoyable tale with plenty of action, intrigue, and gun play.

The author vividly describes the local South Florida settings the story plays out in, mentioning well known and perhaps less well known locales that one will want to visit in person if a trip to South Florida is in your near future.
There are plot twists and turns within the main story which keep one's attention as the action moves rapidly to a showdown in a remote location in the Everglades. Three letter agencies and their characters, mix with drug lords, local and federal law enforcement corruption, and of course the black ops trained group of friends centered around the book's main character, Jim Stillwater.

The book evoked memories of my own life in South Florida, and gave me a new perspective on some of the locales I'd experienced first hand, along with providing back stories to enrich the old memories.

Now, to make it perfect, the book would have involved sidecar motorcycles in some way, but it's still quite the enjoyable tale.  Read it if your plans include Key West, or if you grew up in the area or just want some hours of fast moving action.

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