Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little bit of Snow

Following the pattern I've observed over the years of living here in the great state of Colorado, we got snow right on schedule, the last week in October.  Although this year we did have an earlier snow fall but it melted so quickly it didn't really count in my mind.

Miles, my youngest son, asked me for a ride to school, given the slipperiness of the sidewalks so I took him and his viola to school on Valencia, my 2011 Ural Patrol.  See the brief video clip at the end for the new camera angle provided by the tripod I've mounted temporarily on Valencia's spare wheel carrier.

Later on, during a work break, I went out again to grab some pictures before all the snow had melted.  The temperature was still below freezing but once the sun is out, its just a matter of time.  There are predictions for a bit more snow in the afternoon, but I am doubtful.


Unknown said...


I like that camera angle. it puts you into the passenger seat and feels like you are there too.

I must say that looking at your video makes "a person" think about buying a Hack, just for extending your riding season.

I behind in my readings, but I think I'm nearly back to normal now

Riding the Wet Coast
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RichardM said...

Beautiful snow photos though the bright sunshine makes it looks more like Spring rather than Fall. And I like the video though do you really want the rolling stops documented on the Internet?

redlegsrides said...

thanks Bobskoot for your commentary....RichardM is working on a sidecar for his airhead....your turn now.

RichardM, yeah, about those california stops, it must be some artifact of the editing that makes it appear that way.....yeah, that's it.

Unknown said...


Did you notice I used those words "a person" . I kept looking at the road and wondering if I would have ridden my bike, but with more than 2 wheels it looked much safer.

the snow makes everything look better/brighter, not like our dreary, dull, grey rain

Yes, it must be the editing, 'cause I just know that you make a complete stop at every stop sign

Riding the Wet Coast
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Keith - Circle Blue said...

Yep, tis the seasons for wishing for a hack...even tho' I only missed 7days the whole of last year. Oh well, I'll live vicariously through you and Chris. Of course, with the weather we've been having the last couple of winters I may not miss any days.

Susan Black said...

Hi Redleg,

Great video. My driver has me, the monkey, holding it. Too cumbersome for my liking so we're going to secure it.

I smiled at each Stop sign you approached. It's much the same in Campbell River, BC.

Susan of Ural Buddies

SonjaM said...

Weather aside I bet that it increases the coolness factor for your son.

I would love to ride with you in a hack one fine day just for the experience but my travels rarely lead me in your neck of the woods, it's mostly midwest I am headed...

redlegsrides said...


Schedule a flight with a layover in Denver! I can ride out to Dia....we go for a spin....I bring you back to your flight.....easy.

Or overnight at our house....


redlegsrides said...

Thanks Susan for commenting, though I must emphasize, the stop signs I roll are the neighborhood ones where I have good line of sight of cross traffic.

I really have to be better about even these....

redlegsrides said...

Circle Blue, that's a great riding pattern!

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Now this was a cool interaction between a father and son. First of all, I caught the reference to the viola. I think it is terrific that your son is learning to play such a dignified and gracious instrument. While it is a staple of classical music, it is the entry to jazz as well.

Then I didn't realize the Ural had a reverse gear. That's neat! No foot prints in the snow as the bike left the garage.

And finally, that was a neat sound effect, to time the bike's bumping over the sill with the percussion in the music.

Nicely done across the board.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Jack for your comments and kind words...

It is the 2WD and reverse capability of the URAL that make it such an attractive choice amongst sidecarists....other solutions are much more expensive and complicated.