Saturday, August 18, 2012

Uraling to the O'Dell Brewery

A cool Saturday morning under sunny skies gave my loving wife and I a nice and brisk ride to Fort Collins, Colorado where we were to meet fellow Uralisti and check out the O'Dell Brewery located there.

The ride up was smooth and unexciting.  Martha and I used secondary highways most of the way there with a brief 15 mile sprint on northbound I-25.  The meeting location was Unique Rides, the Ural dealer in Fort Collins.  We got there a little bit after 11:00 AM and found Tim and Dan already there with their rigs.  Tim has a 2011 Green Patrol and Dan just picked up a 2010 GearUP with the green camouflage pattern.

Introductions made, we were standing around chatting as Nick and Darrell showed up on their two rigs.  More chatting, introductions and catching up later, we picked up some minor maintenance parts from Randy and Tammy and then we all headed out to the O'Dell Brewery.

The brewery was just minutes away and soon we were ensconced in a corner table outside the tavern/store that is part of the brewery.  Not sure if you'd call it luck or not, but the brewery was hosting a "Corn Hole Festival" next door.  Now, before all the jokes and raised eyebrows occur, it was some kind of bean bag tossing contest/event.  Not sure on the details but it definitely wasn't what you initially thought!  Kind of a weird choice for an event but hey.....

We all had a small cup of selected offerings from the brewery and after some nice conversation we got ourselves some souvenirs such as T-Shirts and Beer Glasses with the Myrcenary Beer logo on them.  Here's the logo, printed on a pub "tacker".

This particular beer has a bold flavor and a higher than usual
alcoholic content.  Very Tasty.

As we all had seen the inside of breweries at one time or another in our lives, we skipped the 1:00 PM Brewery Tour and instead headed into downtown Fort Collins to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant known by Tim.

Parking was not too difficult in spite of the crowded streets downtown.  Lunch was quite enjoyable as we worked to resolve the world's problems and got to know each other a bit better.  Tall tales were told, adventures recounted, experiences share and good food consumed.  

After lunch, the guys headed off to the "Big Beaver" Brewery in Loveland, Colorado.  Martha and I however had to split off from the group so we could get home in time to attend the neighborhood party at the park.

 Nick, Tim and Dan

Nick and Dan lead the way out of the downtown area

Darrell and Tim

I'll have to go some other day to the Big Beaver Brewing Company, they got such interestingly named brews such as "Shaved Tail Ale", "Sweet and Sour Booty", "Whisky Dick Stout" and "Wonder Wiener Wheat", you just have to go see for yourself, don't you?

The ride home was US287 southbound till we got to the Northwest Parkway/E-470 superslab which we took home as we were running out of time to get to the party in the park.  Valencia did great all day, no problems and Martha appears to have had a good time, so it's all good!


RichardM said...

Fort Collins looks pretty crowded but it looks like you had a great time. Very nice of Martha to go along.

redlegsrides said...


It was also the weekend before start of school for CSU which I'm sure contributed to the madness downtown.

BeemerGirl said...

Not a bad outing, and getting to know a few friends. Yes, those ales sund interesting. Goes along with the eye catching logo... :)