Friday, August 10, 2012

Riding a Honda Goldwing Sidecar Rig

This afternoon, I'd arranged to meet with Ken A.  He'd answered the craigslist ad I'd posted a few weeks back putting Yoshie, my 2006 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom Sidecar rig for sale.

Ken showed up at my house riding his nice looking Honda Goldwing 1800cc Sidecar Rig!  I wasn't expecting this and was rather pleasantly surprised.

We exchanged pleasantries and spent the next half hour or so chatting about each others motorcycles.  Ken had owned a 2006 Ural and he was quite interested in seeing how things had changed in the last five years or so.  Ken had also had the "pleasure" of owning a MT16 Dneper Russian sidecar rig, which he mentioned spent more time being worked on than being ridden!

I showed Ken around Yoshie, pointing out her pluses and minuses.  Finally it was time for the test ride.  I had gotten good vibes from Ken, he knew his sidecars and seemed experienced at handling them so no worries there in terms of staying safe on the road.  He then asked me if I'd like to ride his Goldwing!  I of course didn't hesitate and donned my riding gear quickly.

I led the way out of the neighborhood.  Me riding the Goldwing, Ken on Yoshie.  Here's a few words that came to mind as I rode that Goldwing:   Smooth, quiet, fast and massive!  That 1800cc engine had no problems pulling the additional weight of the sidecar, and shifting the gears was smooth as butter.

Soon, we were at the Aurora Racetrack where there was plenty of room in the empty parking lot for Ken to put Yoshie through a few maneuvers in a safe manner.

Here's some shots of Ken's Goldwing Sidecar Rig that I took while he put Yoshie through her paces:

 She's definitely the biggest sidecar rig I've ever driven!

 Just look at all those buttons. 

Nice looking rig, isn't she?

Ken finished putting Yoshie through her paces, remarked she was a lot more stable that he'd thought she'd be.  I found it fascinating to watch another person putting my rig through the maneuvers today, she looked good!

We then rode back towards my house, again with me in the lead.  Yoshie's lights in the Goldwing's rear view mirrors were quite brilliant, truly amazing to me that someone could not see them.  

Back home, Ken took Valencia, my 2011 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig out for a spin.  You remember I said he'd owned a 2006 model before?  

While he rode about the neighborhood on my Ural, I showed the Goldwing to my youngest son Miles:

Pretty hard to miss seeing this coming at you, don't you think?

 Miles on the Throne

 Miles was quite impressed with the spacious sidecar

All smiles!

It may have been a tactical mistake, suggesting to Ken to take Valencia out for a ride after riding Yoshie.  He came back impressed with how far the Urals have come in terms of quality and performance.  I think I heard him say: " I think I might have to look into a Ural".  

A bit more chatting later, it was time for Ken to go.  He's going to think on Yoshie, he seemed to like her, we'll see how it all turns out.   He got to try out my rigs, I got to drive his, it's all good.


SonjaM said...

The gentlemen certainly knows how to treat Yoshie right.
What a nice treat to offer his Goldwing hack to you. But man, that is a huge bike, I guess I would rather go and by a convertible instead, but each to his own.
Hope you find the right buyer for the Wee rig soon.

BeemerGirl said...

Definitely very generous to trade rigs for a bit. Yes...tactical error to allow him to ride Valencia afterwards. ;)

Is he planning on keeping, or replacing, the goldwing rig?

Canajun said...

Riding a sidecar rig is an experience I have yet to enjoy. One day perhaps....

redlegsrides said...

Before Bobskoot corrects you SonjaM, the 650cc Stroms are the Wee's, the DL1000s which are 1000cc remain Vee's. :).

Ken seemed to like both my rigs, we'll see what happens. If nothing else, I've met another fellow snow rider! Thanks for reading this stuff.

redlegsrides said...

I am thinking now more of a strategic mistake!

He is thinking of selling his Goldwing Sidecar Rig, only 20k.....

Bluekat said...

The Goldwing looks massive, but I imagine it's very comfortable!
Look at that big smile on Kens face while on Valencia. I think he likes her!

RichardM said...

Just out of curiosity, why is he selling the GW?

redlegsrides said...

Bluekat, yeah, a strategic mistake on my part.... :)

RichardM, I am not sure why he's thinking of selling it. I do remember him saying, that if he picked up Yoshie, he would not have the need or room for two big rigs.