Sunday, April 15, 2012

Valencia's 2500 km Service

Spent the morning performing all the checks and services involved with the 2500 km service on my 2011 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig: Valencia.

She was actually at 2534 km as I'd gone to the auto parts store to get 20W50 oil for her and warm her engine up in the process so all the particulates would be "afloat" in the old oil before I drained it out.

It was very windy as I motored to and from the auto parts store, not a pleasant day for riding, even on a sidecar rig!

Found some swarf on the final drive and transmission drain plugs but nothing of concern.  The oil pan's drain plug had even less swarf than the other plugs so that was good.  I also went ahead and replaced the oil filter this time as well.

I know, you're only supposed to change out the oil, and CHECK the levels of the transmission and final drive.  However, it's such an easy chore and cheap maintenance, I tend to change out the fluids involved at the same time I change out the engine oil.

Found the sidecar wheel a tad "loose" in that I could shake it a tiny bit back and forth, so I tightened it one castle nut slot's worth and now its better.

Also found some engine case tighteners needed a bit of tightening, hopefully it'll prevent further oil seepage which led me to check the tightness on the fasteners involved.

Not too bad a set of chores overall, just time-consuming but with the wind the way it was....

Next oils change and service interval, at 5000 kilometers.


RichardM said...

An oil change every 2500 km! For you, that must be once a month or so. Given modern oil, that seems pretty frequent.

redlegsrides said...

Yep, the interval seems short....I used to do it every 3K miles with Natasha....but its not hard.

And, if you think about is asking that small 750cc to do a lot.....

Dar said...

Valencia is a lucky girl to have you as an owner.

Chris said...

I hope that fixes the leak. I have never had an oil leak on my ural, and i dont think yours being so new should either.

redlegsrides said...

Dar, thanks....we'll see how this relationship develops.

Chris...don't know what to tell ya, I've seen all the Colorado Uralisti's rigs, they all exhibit some seepage of oil evidence.