Sunday, April 22, 2012

Airheads, the nickname given to the motorcycles from the Bavaria of yore, with the twin opposed piston engine called the Boxer engine, which leaves the "jugs" out in the airstream.

Tech Day: A gathering of motorcyclists with similar motorcycles to share/learn knowledge related to the maintenance and repair of said motorcycles.

I was fortunate enough to attend another great Airhead Tech Day, once again hosted by Dick Paschen of Centennial. There was a great turnout of Airhead motorcycles and their owners, a lone K75, a couple of more modern BMWs and of course, Valencia, my Ural Rig. (Yes, she's an airhead)

Riders were walked through the process of checking valve clearances, bleeding brakes, changing engine and transmission oils and this year, the "Shorting the sparkplug" method of carburetor synchronization was demonstrated.

One airhead came in with no working front brakes, unknown last fluid change intervals and a sketchy throttle mechanism. He left with new knowledge of how to bleed brakes, change out his engine, transmission and final drive oils and while his throttle cam couldn't be fixed, he now knows what part to obtain from the dealer! He was a very happy camper.

Everyone who showed up didn't require work on their motorcycles. There was a lot of story telling and comparing notes on each other's motorcycles and just meeting and greeting like-minded lovers of these great classic motorcycles of the BMW marque.

As he did last year, Matt Parkhouse, the Colorado Air Marshall for the Airhead Motorcycle Club showed up and dived right into helping out where he could. Fellow airheads would gather around him constantly to watch his technique and listen to his stories and explanation of the workings of the motorcycle task at hand. Matt is one of the recognized Gurus of the Airhead community and we were quite lucky to have him there again.

I was shown the spark plug shorting technique by fellow Airhead Darren. It's such a simple process and when I got home to compare it against my manometer, it was spot on! I'll be securing a pair of those shorting adapters for my future use!

In sum, another great Tech Day. Dick Paschen made a great chili for folks to snack on, was everywhere at once offering advice, digging out supplies and sometimes even parts for folks to use and showing the great experience he's had with these motorcycles.

 It's this kind of willingness to help on the part of Dick and Matt and several others who were in attendance that make the Airhead community such a great thing to be a part of.


BeemerGirl said...

It's been a long time since the group here has had a tech day. Yours sounded very productive. Was it really on the street? Or was that just spare parking?

redlegsrides said...

BeemerGirl, thanks for the comment and visit....the streetside was just parking, all work was done on the host's driveway/garage.