Sunday, January 08, 2012

Snowy Sunday Riding

Our weather guessers predicted correctly that we'd get a couple of  inches of snow overnight.  I left the house shortly after 8:00AM, the sun bright in the sky already, and a brisk 15°F keeping the snow dry and crunchy underneath Yoshie's wheels.

I first wandered down towards Grandview High School hoping for a nice show of snow-laden trees but it was not to be today.  There was however a nicely lit gazebo amidst a few trees in a field near the roadside.

I next rode back up north towards Quincy Road and took it east towards the Aurora Reservoir and Aurora Park Horse Racing Track.  The place was deserted of course, it being a Sunday morning after all.  I was able to pose Yoshie with Mount Evans in the background:

The shooting angle kind of makes it like Yoshie is in the middle
of nowhere, doesn't it?

Heading southwards once again, I rode into the Antelope Neighborhood, got onto Ireland Way and this time continued onwards as the road became Travois Trail, leading to the Travois Neighborhood.  The road eventually dumps one onto Inspiration Drive.

I wandered south of this road along its dirt neighborhood roads, and came upon this nice view of a tree-framed snowy trail:

Piney Creek Road

As I was riding along, I spotted where someone had located an old fashioned horse drawn wagon, the sun was hitting it just right:

My camera's battery was nearing empty at this point so I made my way back to Inspiration Drive which I rode back towards County Line Road which I used to ride along the border trail belonging to the Blackstone Country Club.  I found the spot where I'd posed Stewie, my loving wife's scooter just shy of 24 hours ago and shot today's final shot:

Prairie near the Blackstone Country Club

The little amount of snow we got was already melting away on the main roads, I am pretty sure the roads will be dry by this afternoon.  I'd say we got just about the right amount of snow, wouldn't you?


SonjaM said...

Yoshie's dark silhouette in front of the snow covered landscape... brilliant.

Roger said...

My favourite pic is the one with the wagon....bu the one of the bike and snow covered mountains contrast is excellent. You are still a braver man than me.

Bluekat said...

lol-I just read the Stewie post and now there is snow everywhere! :)

It really makes things beautiful though. Sonja is right, Yoshie looks great against a snowy backdrop. I love the wagon photo too - lovely scene.

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM...thanks very much, I like the way it turned out, though if I could have put some more light on Yoshie....

Raftnn, thanks, the light was just right as I rode by, had to turn around to take the shot of the wagon. The one with the mountains reminded me of a pic I'd seen of motorcyclists riding the bravery involved, can't fall over with three wheels. :)

Bluekat, yeah, weather in Colorado can change pretty quickly. Thanks for commenting and the visit.

irondad said...

We got a tiny bit of snow yesterday. Today the newspaper headline says,

"Snow, ice equal fun and wrecks".

Nice commentary on our drivers, isn't it?

I like the photo of Yoshie. It really is amazing how the perspective can so drastically change the appearance of something.

cpa3485 said...

Really nice photographs!
We have had no snow here this year, and frankly it's kind of boring. Just cold. Thanks for the reminder that it can actually snow sometimes.


redlegsrides said...

Thanks Irondad, glad you liked the picture of Yoshie in the snow, it's one of my favorites. People freak out when it snows here....especially the Californians.

Cpa3485, thanks for the kind words, you mention boring when there's no snow and just cold....I feel the same way about it. Heck, sometimes when its nice and sunny, I find the riding a bit boring....I think I'm warped. :)

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

I have been having a lot of internet challenges lately, and my communications are not as solid as they once were. But I read your blog often, and still marvel at your resilience.

I suspect I would not be riding in the winter, even if I had three wheels instead of two. Though it is raining here today, it is snowing like hell at all points west and north of Cape May, NJ. I believe this could be the finale of the riding season for my friends who have allergies to salt.

Nice pictures and good text.

Fondest regards,

redlegsrides said...

Jack, thanks very much for redoing the posting I accidentally deleted...curse my fat fingers and the small android phone form factor....

You know, if I lived closer to you, I think I would work on getting you over this "no riding on snow" business....



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