Sunday, January 29, 2012

Service Note: Chain adjustment

This being a web log after all, this post is just to record a 3/4 turn chain tightening adjustment on the Krause 530 Chain on Yoshie.  This is the third adjustment I've done in over 6200 miles, so not bad.  Hopefully, this is it in terms of the stretch all motorcycle chains apparently go through before "settling in" for the duration.

Note: Last adjustment done after getting stuck in snow and thinking I'd "stressed" the chain a bit getting the rig unstuck.

Mileage on Yoshie, 35,735.  Chain initially installed at 29,486 miles.

The chain has lasted longer than the stock chain on Vikki did, so things are looking hopeful.

Any experienced chain-driven motorcycle riders out there looking at the video below, your feedback would be appreciated as to how the chain looks while in motion.


FATTKAW said...

looks ok but the best way to tell is give us a shot of you on the bike and someone else moving the chain up and down. I have my kids hop on since they are only twenty pounds lighter put together then I can check the slack properly. Cruisers are the only bikes that the chain will get looser when loaded generally.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the tip Jon, will try it out!