Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Longs Peak in the evening

Short ride in the eastern prairies, not much presented itself for photographing.

So I give you a briefly sunlit view of Long's Peak, one of the larger mountains visible along the Front Range:


Brady Steffl said...


That's a beautiful area you've got. The last time I was in Colorado I was about 8 years old and laid down on the van floor I was so terrified of falling off the world. (Minnesota boy, remember.) I've got to make it back there - maybe 2013, provided the Mayans don't rise from the dead and wipe out the world in a zombie apocalypse. Good luck surviving.

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len said...

nice rugged terrain you have won't find that in the midlands of the uk.

happy new year to you

len scootering adventures uk

Charlie6 said... that you're older and hopefully bolder...come on up to the mountains....I'll show you around.

But first, conquer the Alps on a motorcycle, with lots of pics and your excellent writing!

Happy New Year to you and yours....


Charlie6 said...

Len, thanks for visiting from across the "pond". Are you familiar with the writings of Gary France? He's one of your brethren over there.

Happy New Year!