Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day ride by some snow-clad prairies of Colorado

Here's hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas Day!

The Chang family had a great and yet calm Christmas Day, a sumptuous feast the night before provided by my loving wife and everyone was happy with their presents from Santa this morning.

The temperature had soared to 45°F and sunny so I went for a short ride in the prairies just a few minutes east of my home neighborhood.  The air felt downright balmy with a slightly chilly wind helping to remind one that it was Winter in Colorado.

 Lonely county road, bisecting large prairie grass fields 

My route entailed a small loop of county roads as I rode about enjoying the calming effect of the snow-clad prairies and the feel of being alone with my trusty steed purring smoothly underneath me.

As I was heading home, I spotted what looked like huge flocks of geese just walking about in a farmer's field bordering the county road I was riding on.  There must have been hundreds if not thousands of these geese just loitering about!

I got perhaps as close as 300 feet, this is shot with my Panasonic
Lumix at full optical zoom.

I passed the largest flock and parked Yoshie by the side of the road and slowly walked closer and closer to the the nearest flock of geese.  They were a bit skittish so my progress was slow but steady.  I hope you enjoy the film below, I found their site and actions quite calming and realized that they were a Christmas gift from the motorcycling gods.  

See?  It pays to ride when there's snow on the ground!  


Brady Steffl said...


Two things. One - Some times I need a little reminder of what 45 degrees can mean in winter. I've been spoiled in recent years and have forgotten what a sweatbox 45 degrees can be.

Two - I should have you nab me about a dozen geese and send them to Germany. I saw a goose in the cooler at the grocery store three days ago, and considered buying it for Christmas dinner as they're quite popular in Bavaria, but the price said 54Eur. At the current exchange that's close to $70. For a goose. All I've ever known them to do do is crap on the waterfronts.

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Charlie6 said...

Hi Brady, thought I answered your posting before but....

It's been as high as 55 the last couple of about a heat wave!

As to nabbing a goose for you, I'm afraid I never got within rock-throwing range and people around here tend to look askance at motorcycle riders shooting at stuff on the side of the road....go figure!