Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Vikki is toast

I got a call from the insurance rep this afternoon.  They've declared Vikki, my 2004 V-Strom a total loss and I am to meet with them tomorrow to give them her title in exchange for the value of the motorcycle.

I've decided to see about buying one of two used V-Strom DL1000s that are within reasonable distance of me.

Why continue with a V-Strom sidecar rig?

1.  Not giving up on being a sidecarist.  I like it too much and when the snow returns to Colorado.....

2.  Economics: Getting another V-Strom tug is the only option not involving more money out of pocket.  I don't want to incur more debt than what I have now.  A new Ural, with what I expect I'd get from the sale of the Dauntless sidecar rig and subframe to another V-Strom rider, would require an estimated $6000 additional out of pocket.  No used Urals that are year model 2008 or later anywhere near me right now or within foreseeable budget.

The lower-priced one of the two looks like this and is located in Pueblo, CO:

Image source: Craiglist ad
more details on above V-Strom here: LINK

The second V-Strom is located in Longmont, CO which is north of Denver.

Image source: Craiglist ad
more details on above V-Strom here: LINK

The first V-Strom has less miles on her than the one in Longmont, but has not been ridden at all this year.  The second V-Strom has double the miles that Vikki had but comes with more "stuff".

I go tomorrow afternoon, hopefully, to recover the sub-frame mount hardware from Vikki.  I'll try and remember to take a last picture of her.

What do you think?


SonjaM said...

Dom, both seem to be decent looking replacements for Vikki. I would probably go by the lower mileage though. Also, I like the blue colour better (ok, a woman's opinion - feel free to ignore).

Raftnn said...

I wiould also go with the lower mileage one, you can always add extras over time as money permits.

When is Vikkis funeral. May she Rest in Peace.

RichardM said...

I think that getting another V-Strom is a great idea. It's familiar and you have all the parts and pieces to fit the sidecar. Have you figured out why the chain came off yet?

Personally, I would go for cheaper and lower miles rather than more stuff you may or may not want. Plus, as SonjaM mentioned, it's a much nicer color (colour?).


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Just to be difficult, I'd go with the higher mileage bike. Why?

a) A well maintained bike with higher mileage might be in better shape than a lower mileage rig that has been sitting ignored for at least one year, and maybe longer.

b) You can sell the stuff on e-bay yourself and put some cash back into your pocket.

c) If we were talking about BMW's the additional 8k on the clock would be like nothing. IU'm assuming it's the same way with these V-Strom bikes... Yes?

d) You still have the drive chain issue to contend with. What can you do to make sure you don't have another repeat performance with the chain? Can you fabricate a chain guard out of Kevlar to prevent another problem? Your foot may not be so lucky this time.

Rooting for you...
Twisted Roads

bluekat said...

I'm still bummed reading about Vikki. :(
On the other hand bike shopping can be a nice distraction.

I'm with Sonja on this one. I like the blue, and for the same reason.

Charlie6 said...

SonjaM and Raftnn, yeah newer and lower mileage....always a good thing on Japanese motorcycles.

RichardM, two ideas on why the chain failed the way it did, neither will be proven until I get a new tug. Poor adjustment process on my part or the chain is just not strong enough to do sidecar duty.

Jack, Unlike Beemers, I don't think you can reliably count on Japanese motors to easily go past 100K. No facts/figures, just what I've gathered from other threads. As to the chain issue, am going to look into "shielding" the casing area where the chain hit but also buying a chain that will have from 4000 to 8000 more lbs tensile strength than stock chains.

motoroz said...

I also would go with the lower miles. You ride a lot so miles can pile up quickly. Looking forward to seeing the new rig.

Steve Williams said...

Go for the Ural. Sell the BMW and get a 1998 Toyota Corolla in its place and pump the extra cash into a late model URAL rig. You know you'll be happy then and not feeling you shortchanged your dreams.

And by the way, I DID ride Vikki. Don't you remember -- the first day, you tossed me the keys hoping I would destroy her and you could get me to buy a URAL rig for you...


Steve Williams
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Charlie6 said...


Thanks for commenting.

The owner of the Pueblo (blue one) vstrom called me to say he'd detected running issues with it today and was withdrawing it from sale till he gets it fixed.

That leaves the 2003 silver one in Longmont which I am going to go see tomorrow afternoon, we'll see how that goes.

Brady said...


Depends on what you want. Is the stuff good for you? I love stuff, it's great. If one of the stuffs is a better seat, I'd be all over it. I think I have permanent derriere damage after my last trip.

It really depends on the amount of extra miles and the mileage these motors will see. My Connie should see 100,000 or more if the motor is maintained. I wouldn't balk at 5-10k more, if I trusted the seller.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Well the die is sort of cast on the V-Strom choices. I guess this guy fired up the bike after a long siesta and realized it wasn't running as expected. Too bad.

I saw a sidecar rig at the rally that had me drooling. I will do a piece on it next week. It was $34,000.

Fondest regards,

bski28 said...

Just go get a Harley trike. Your next bike will be your 6th in only a couple of years

Charlie6 said...

Yea...a harley trike, that'll be the day

WhereThe HellisMurph said...

You have your answer Dom,since the lower milage one was started and already has issues.
I would go with a regularly ridden higher mileage vehicle(2 or 4 wheels) any day over a sitting for more than 2 months lower mileage vehicle.
Sitting is the absolute worst thing for any engine,the crap thats in the fuel today is a rubber seal eater,so if they sit,they rot.

Good luck in your choice,winters approaching,and delete that Hardly Dangerous comment up above me.....^^.