Saturday, August 06, 2011

Goodbye Vikki, Hello ???

This past Friday, I took time from work and headed down to the salvage yard where Vikki, my 2004 Suzuki V-Strom, ended up after being evaluated a "total loss" by the insurance company.

A bit sad that she was not worth repairing but it was good to get the decision from them which allowed me to move on.

Anyways, I went to the salvage yard to recover some items that didn't come with the motorcycle. Got there, got the insurance rep to clear me in with the salvage yard security folks and with tools that I brought with me I reclaimed:

The Dauntless Sub-Frame Mount hardware, the Datel Voltmeter, the mounting adapter plate for the Bestem Top Case and the custom seat, which I will replace with a stock seat.

Here's how Vikki looked, leaning on wooden blocks and looking quite forlorn. I felt quite guilty but then moved briskly to get things done so I could get back to work.

 Picture of Vikki taken Thursday afternoon when I got there without the right tools, 
I am so stupid sometimes.

 Vikki, without her subframe mounting hardware so her sidestand was usable
and with her seat removed.

She looks almost rideable, doesn't she?

 A view of the motorcycle portion of the salvage yard, it was quite the 
large operation, lots of wrecked cars and such

 Lots of wrecked bikes of all makes, a very sad scene to me

Vikki's tenure with me was unfortunately short-lived but they were great times for the most part.  She didn't deserve the fate she got but in the end, it was the decision that was made for me.

Now, as to the title of this posting.  I saw on craigslist a dealer ad for a 2006 V-Strom DL1000 with 29K miles on it being sold in Loveland, CO.  Tricity Cycles is the name of the place and all they do is resell pre-owned motorcycles and some provide repair and accessory services to the local area.

Some text messages exchanged with Stu, the salesman, and we drove up before lunch to Loveland.  It took us an hour and while Martha and the boys wandered about the store, I had my first look at this V-Strom and she looked pretty good!

Took her out for a 15 minute test ride and she ran fine and felt a bit more "planted" than Vikki had been.  Apparently one of the things Suzuki's worked on since they made the 2004 model was a stronger suspension system.

We then left the dealership, telling Stu we needed to feed the kids (which we did) but really to discuss things over some food.  We went to a local BBQ joint called Norbys and had some pretty good food.  Sorry, too wrapped up discussing the motorcycle to take food porn shots.

Martha and I concluded it was a good deal and returned me to the dealership to complete the deal.  Not much haggling involved, basically got them to throw in a year's warranty under an outside company called Edge Service Company.  It wasn't a no-cost upgrade by using the insurance money but I figured the out-of -pocket expense would have been comparable to getting Vikki repaired; had the engine casing not been compromised of course.

Rode it home in stifling humid heat (it had briefly showered rain while I completed the paperwork and called the insurance company to put the new to me V-Strom under coverage) and got her home safe and sound.

 "She who must be named" sitting on her new home driveway

So, gentle readers, what shall I name her?  She's a darker silver color than Vikki was, kind of reminds me of the color of storm clounds.  Stormy or Stromy is out, and so is Velma.  Perhaps something Japanese?  I am open to suggestions.


Raftnn said...


SonjaM said...

A salvage yard of motorcycles is gruesome, especially as the riders usually didn't get off merely scratched.
Poor Vikki, but while she was short-lived, she had an adventurous life nevertheless.
The queen is dead, long live the queen. And welcome to the yet to be named lady.

Gary France said...

Great news about the new bike. It is a shame Vikki bit the dust, but every cloud has a silver lining, so they say. Here is my two-penneth regarding possible names for the new ride....

VALERIUS Roman family name which was derived from Latin valere "to be strong".

VASU Indian, Hinduism. Means "bright, excellent" in Sanskrit.

VEDRAN Croatian, Serbian. Means "clear, cheerful" in Croatian and Serbian.

VENKA Esperanto. Means "victorious" in Esperanto.

VERCINGETORIX Ancient Celtic. Means "king over warriors" from Gaulish ver "on, over" combined with cingeto "marching men, warriors" and rix "king".

RichardM said...

Aren't there a lot more Von Trapp family names available?

Congratulations on the new bike!

Steve Williams said...

Since you sort of invoked Harry Potter with your "she who must be named" I vote for Bellatrix Lestrange. Or just Bellatrix.

Nice looking motorcycle.

Martha said...

Why yes, Richard...the Von Trapps had a lot of kids (and thus, lots of names), my hubby has gone through many of the names (ok, in his defense, some were used on cages prior to the motorcycles stage). My suggestion? I think we should try to embrace her Japanese heritage this go-around. xoxo Wifey...happy to report to all the other posters, there is once again peace in the house of Chang now that the garage has been "restocked".

Allen Madding said...

How about "AMATERASU" which means shining heaven.


Charlie6 said...

Thank you to all who put forth a name candidate...I like Martha's idea of embracing the V-Strom's Japanese origins....

I am leaning towards:

"Shinrai dekiru" which means "Dependable"

Charlie6 said...

Some other candidates:

Yoshie - "beautiful stream", a play on the meaning of "Strom" which is German for Stream.

YUKIKO meaning "child of snow

Watarimono - wanderer

tanomoshii or shikari or kenjitsu- which all seem to mean: "reliable"

onken - dependable

kouyuu - friend

sachi - lucky

kaida - little dragon

seijitsu - faithful

Brady said...


How about Motoko? I have no idea what it means, but Motoko is my favorite character from Anime (my nerd side is showing.)

She's extremely fast, skilled and reliable. Those seem like fitting traits for a bike. The full name is Motoko Kusanagi - but they just call her 'The Major' You could call your bike 'Major' or 'The Major' You could use Motoko, or just 'Major,' which would be a nice way to have a name with a strong Japanese background, but less confusing to the general public.

Of course, Motoko is a pretty cool name.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

irondad said...

One should not have to see their motorcycle that way. It's one thing if it's torn apart waiting to be put back together in a new and improved condition.

To see her stripped, forlorned, and without hope?.................

Glad there is a new love coming your way.

Hannah Parkin said...

Yeah, I feel the same way. It feels heavy to see those fearless rides there in the salvage yard. But that’s the harsh reality of life, and sometimes the least we can do is cherish the memories we spent with them. It seems you go a new ride though! Sometimes, you need to let go to get a better one. :)


Charlie6 said...

Thanks Hannah for your comments

Erik Lucien said...

I feel bad whenever I see motorcycles dumped on the corner and useless! May I suggest that you name your motorcycle "Brianna"? Though if you really want a Japanese name, then maybe you can name her "Sachi" which means "blessed" or "lucky".

-Erik Lucien

Claudio Mccarty said...

I agree with Erik! Brianna is a wonderful name! I know one Japanese name – Momoko, which means a hundred stars!