Thursday, July 21, 2011

No sidestand? No Problem!

When I dropped Vikki off at the Suzuki dealer to get her fixed up, she had still been separated from the sidecar and hence, unable to hold herself up without assistance.

The sidestand that is built onto her is blocked by the Dauntless subframe mount and unable to be deployed.  The lack of a sidestand had not been an issue before as she'd been attached to the sidecar.

I'd brought a stack of small wooden blocks I'd cut from a 2x4 piece of lumber but they failed miserably at holding her steady; we ended up leaning her against the side of the building, her right side mirror bearing all the weight!

Today, while surfing the usual motorcycle-content sites, I came across this picture:

I'm thinking this will be "just the thing" to help prop Vikki up once I go to get her back from the dealer once she's repaired.

No word yet from the dealer on the damages and costs to fix her up.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Gotta admire Hillbilly ingenuity. Hope Vicky is a cheap fix.

Circle Blue said...

+1 what AHD said.

Hope Vicki is back in harness and ready to roll soon.