Friday, February 11, 2011

LINK: from Scooter in the Sticks: Dream Rangers

One of my favorite blogs in terms of riding and excellent photography is Steve William's "Scooter in the Sticks" blog.

A posting he did today, highlighting a youtube video of a commercial from TC Bank in Taiwan struck a chord with me and I thought I'd share that video with you as well.  If you want to see excellent photography from a rider....go see Steve's blog!

or look at it on youtube:  LINK

The thoughts that came to mind as I watched this video the first time:

1. One hell of a fitting way to say their goodbyes to their departed friends and loved ones.

2. You can make lifelong friends by motorcycling.

3. You're never too old to ride if you really want to bad enough.

4. Riding can, temporarily, relieve you of life's worries and pains; so you can get a better grip on them after the ride.

I need to go for a ride....

Update: I was reading the comments made on the youtube site and one of them read:

The original movie is a documentary film name "Go Grandriders". The whole project is launching by "Taichung City Hondao Senior Citizen's welfare Foundation". "Hondao" is a NGO which major task to improve the life quality of senior citizen.

A little googling later by me: Taiwan Documentary "Go Grandriders".  It's in Chinese of course but you'll get the idea....the commercial is based on these real life riders in the 80's


RichardM said...

That was indeed a great video. I'm not sure of what touched me most about it except I see myself there in not too many years. Less than I'm probably willing to admit. And you make 4 great points...

Hope you had a nice ride.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Recoil):

I cam here right from Steve Williams' "Scooter In The Sticks blog," where I've already commented on this video. But I do contest point #4 in your response.

Riding never once alleviated any of my aches and pains, and actually made several worse. But it makes me numb to them, and has taught me that the freedom and exhilaration of taking a bike through a tight turn at speed is the closest I may ever come to truly releasing my soul — and still be able to get it back a few seconds later.

Riding has taught me to be less tolerant of nonsense, and to be less inclined to let idiot bosses, the short-sighted, the unimaginative, the boring, and the uniformed remain in a position to influence my life.

Spring is 37 days away. For you, that means 62 more days of ice.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisated Roads

Charlie6 said...

RichardM....thanks for your comments, work precluded a ride dammit but there's tomorrow, we're supposed to get a high of 52! need to contest my points made. The video brings to mind different things to different riders....we all see things from our respective saddles within the context of our experiences....

It's all about one's perspective....isn't it?

Chris Luhman said...

wow this video is really making the rounds. five blogs and two email lists in less than a week!

Good vid.

PS: was 50F here yest, and I got a short 80 mile ride in on the SV :)