Saturday, November 06, 2010

No Natasha yet and a ride in the DTC

Rotten news today from Linden Engineering where Natasha has languished since Oct 23, waiting for parts.  The Ural factory itself didn't have the part needed in stock (mind you, this is the factory for crying out loud!), so Linden had ordered it from a dealer.  They managed to send the wrong part (the part in question, part of the rocker arm assembly, is "handed").  In fact, I've my doubts at this point the part is available, though Linden continues to try.

I had work to do in the Denver Tech Center or DTC, its part time work that I do on the side to support my motorcycling "habit".  My loving wife gets a bit weird when I even think about spending money from the kid's college funds for motorcycle stuff.  : )

The work involved backups and there was a brief 30 minute interval where I could leave things running and get some photos of the mountains, from the perspective of the DTC.  I hope you like them.

Here's Brigitta facing the entrance to a park in the DTC

A closeup of the Arch, with the Rocky Mountains in the background

A view of the front range mountains from a parking lot in the DTC

When I got back to the job site, there was still 20 minutes of backups to go so I timed things just right.  After a total of three hours on the job, it was time to put things away and ride home.  Not much riding today, had to work on financing the habit you know.  I hope to get a longer ride in tomorrow, depends on how much snow is reported in the mountains.


Gary France said...

If it is hard to find the money to support you motorcycling habit, you could always sell one of your kids....

RichardM said...

The Denver Tech Center looks like a great place to locate a company. And though it is never nice to be cooped up inside when you could be out riding, the views of the mountains look pretty good. Too bad about the long delays on parts but at least you have the spare bike and nice weather.

Circle Blue said...

Hmmm? Maybe you could by Chris's 2001 BMW R1150GS. I hear it would make a good tug :)

Seriously, I hope Linden can find the part and get you back on the road. 'Tis the Ural season.

Here's wishing you good luck and Linden Eng. good hunting.

Chris Luhman said...

hmm... I don't think I want to sell my BMW just yet Keith...

a real shame on the Ural parts. I had some of the same drama waiting for the wheel hub. The factory had it in stock, but took a week to ship it?! *fingers crossed* you get your Ural soon.