Friday, November 05, 2010

Coldest ride yet and no heated grips.....

Yesterday's commute in to work was in the coldest temperatures so far this Fall riding season.

The thermometer on Brigitta, my '87 R80 Beemer read 25.7 °F and at the fastest portion of my commute, Colfax Avenue, I am usually going about 65-70 MPH.

The windchill calculator I use, tells me I was at 2.84 °F during this time, and I must admit it felt pretty cold on my hands.

You see, even though I had my deerskin, thinsulate lined, gauntlet gloves on....I had discovered my heated grips weren't working that morning.  (Turned out to be a loose connection at the switch).

Easy fix and I am glad the ride to work is only 12 miles or so.

And yet, it beats driving a cage, oh and the ride in today was in the low 40s but those heated grips felt really nice.  : )


SonjaM said...

Here I am at the 'warm' British Columbian We(s)t Coast and getting cold hands just from reading this ;-)

My beemer came with heated grips and they work well... but they are attached to that bike of mine that is still in the shop...

RichardM said...

Do you still have the hand guards installed? I remember a post where you installed them but weren't very happy with them. Is your Ural still in the shop?


Charlie6 said...

Hi Sonja, sorry to hear your bike is still in the shop, I have hopes of getting my Ural back tomorrow.

RichardM, no, I didn't like them and they offered very little wind protection.

Raftnn said...

25.6 is -4 degress , bloody cold. Must admit your gloves sound pretty cool.