Saturday, June 05, 2010

Golden, Colorado - Then and Now

Last time I was in Golden, CO, after enjoying the sight of vintage motorcycles at Bob Ohman's Old Bike Ride #8, I had lunch with some of the Uralisti.  I then rode around the town afterward seeking up to date pictures of buildings and scenes from decades ago.

I've always found it interesting, sometimes even fascinating to see how things have changed or not with the passage of the years.  So I give you, Golden, Then and Now:

Wildcat Point, Lookout Mountain

View of the Lookout Mountain Road from Wildcat Point.

The following pictures, due to license policies by and the Denver Public Library, will have links underneath that should lead you to the historical photograph which I used as inspiration for the modern day shot.  Just click the link provided to be shown the older photograph.  Note:  If the link does not work, go HERE and search for the listed Call Number in the search bar.

View of Golden from Lookout Mountain
May 2010

Source circa 1913-1920 Denver Public Library

I then wandered down towards Golden itself and into the campus for the Colorado School of Mines or CSM.  
CSM's Guggenheim Building, May 2010

CSM's Stratton Hall, May 2010

CSM's Hall of Engineering, May 2010

The rest of the buildings that I could see on campus were more modern buildings, so I left campus and headed for main street Golden.

The welcome sign on Washington Avenue in Golden, May 2010

 1873 Everett Block, 1200 Washington Avenue, May 2010

 Finally, I give you one last shot of Natasha as she was making her way back down Lookout Mountain, no historical shot to go with it.

Natasha on Lookout Mountain

Hope you're getting some riding in these days, the weather has been pretty near perfect.  Though the number of riders I see without helmets or riding gear is a bit more numerous than I'd like to see.  Then again, it's their skin and head right?

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Gary France said...

It was fascinating to see the differences between then and now. What a good idea you had to take the up-to-date photos and then compare them.