Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carrying spare gas on the Ural?

Recent rides with the boys and with James of the PBTF ride have led me to rethink the cargo area usage within the sidecar.  Once you've a passenger, things you normally carried within the sidecar need to find someplace else go to!

Typically, the normal Ural Sidecar Rig owner mounts his/her spare gas can in the OEM gas can and carrier which typically gets mounted on the left rear side of their sidecar.

Ural Sahara model

Another spot Uralisti mount the gas can is to the right or left of the sidecar's nose
photo source:

I don't have the option anymore of mounting it in the same spot as the first picture, there's battery cables emanating from the sidecar since I run a Total Loss Electrical System, and I didn't like the looks of the rig with the gas can up front.

I'd been shopping online for a version of a fender rack similar to the one sold by Ural but which is rather expensive and hard to find in black (no, I don't want the chrome version).

Rear Fender Rack from Ural
photo source IMWA

 The thought had been to mount the rack and use it as an anchor point for my Kolpin Gas Can carrier I'd bought for the 1150RT way back.  Well, now Maria is gone and I'd been carrying the Kolpin gas can inside the sidecar rig as I rarely had a passenger with me.

As I was looking at Natasha today after work, it suddenly dawned on me that since the Ural spare tire cargo rack (see above pics) is mounted using the locking hub that holds the spare tire onto the sidecar's spare tire mounting point; why not do the same with the Kolpin Gas Can carrier?

A one inch hole drilled into the metal carrier and voila, it was nice and secured onto the top of the spare wheel:

I will try the above setup during this weekend's riding and see how it all works out.  I may change the orientation of the carrier so the gas can is closer to the right side of the sidecar, so if gas spills it has no chance of hitting the hot exhaust pipe on the right side of the tug.  I'll probably also orient the can so the spout it to the rear of the sidecar as well.

The Kolpin Gas Carrier is designed primarily for the rough and tumble ride of an ATV so I figure it's secure enough for my purposes.  My only concern is the strength of the spare wheel securing hardware, I guess I'll find out!


bobskoot said...


That gas can is a safety accessory, I am sure it will keep tailgaiters far back. I know if you were anywhere near me I would move far away

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Charlie6 said...

Bobskoot....hah, didn't think of that...maybe it'll keep the damn tailgaters away.

SonjaM said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Nicely done. Cheers, SonjaM

bobskoot said...


just for added effect . . .

your gas can appears to be just sitting there on top of the tire. You should loosen the bracket a bit so the container appears to be on the verge of falling off and wiggling around.

Maybe fill with water and have some liquid slosh out once in a while when you turn or brake

Wet Coast Scootin

Chris Luhman said...

It looks a bit weird sitting up there. I have my spare gas mounted on the sidecar step. Works great and keeps the weight in the right spot.

Charlie6 said...

Sonja, thanks for your comments.

Bobskoot, oh the way your mind works...

Chris, after this weekend's riding with the gas can in place, I must agree...I think I will revisit this mounting point.