Tuesday, April 27, 2021

An Introduction to Pick and Pulls

 Today, I rode along with Dale B. as he went to what he describes as one of his favorite places to go.  An auto salvage yard or "Pick and Pull".

Basically, you pay a small entry fee, then using your own tools, pick and pull off any parts from any of the salvage cars in the lot.  There's a lot of cars at this particular lot in Denver, I was in salvage heaven.  

The above pic is just a small portion of the whole inventory of salvage/wrecked vehicles just waiting to be scavenged by cheap bastards like me.

Dale and I found ourselves a pretty pristine Nissan Pathfinder and not only did he get the AC switch he wanted, but we ended up taking the front seats, some dash plastic components, door handles, mirrors, WARN locking hubs for 4WD, a radio (for me, which turned out wrong one, oh well), assorted bits and bobs.  The bill came to only $135 for Dale's stuff.  The radio was $15 for me.  

No idea if the radio even works, but I'll first have to do some creative wiring to mate it to the wiring in the Samurai.  Why a radio?  The one that came in the Sammy was fried by the faulty regulator which took out a lot of the electronics when it failed.

Bonus, I found my next project vehicle a few rows over from where we found the pristine Pathfinder:

Dale B. poses next to my future entry into the world of Jeeps

Alas, no Samurais in the lot, they're pretty rare apparently, sort of like Unobtanium!


Oz said...

I have had to visit a P&P a couple of times. Interesting things you can find at times.

redlegsrides said...

Indeed Oz, it's almost like a treasure hunt....the danger is of course bringing home junk.

SonjaM said...

I would never let my hubby get near a junkyard... I'd be worried he'd bring stuff home that never get's used and becomes a dust collector in the garage ;-)

redlegsrides said...

Yes SonjaM but he might find something useful too! :)