Thursday, March 28, 2019

Trying out Yagi on Rocky Trails

Yagi, Japanese for Goat....I named the 2006 Yamaha TW200 thus in the hopes that she'd be as surefooted as a Mountain Goat on the trails I like to explore.

Bottom line: She sure is!

Drove Umarang, the URRV to the BLM area called Penrose Commons, near Penrose, CO on Sunday March 24.  I parked it at the main parking area which was too full of weekenders for my liking.

I proved the advantage of the Pitbull Trailer Restraint System I'd installed previously and Yagi came off the trailer, easy peasy.  I rode her to recon further up the main road and found a nice and more remote campsite less than a mile away.

Returning to Umarang, it was an easy matter to hook Yagi back onto the restraint system and off we went to set up at the more remote campsite away from the crowds.

Photo taken on day 3

Even before setting up camp, I took Yagi and went "exploring" down a nearby rocky trail.  I still had 18 psi in the tires, which is street mode per the manual, and she did just fine on the rock strewn trail.

Turns out, I rode through a rather bumpy, rocky and narrow trail which was rated as an "Extreme 4WD" trail according to the sign I found when I came out of it.

I'd spotted the nearby reservoir while riding on the Independence Trail and so pointed Yagi's nose towards it.

 Viewpoint at Brush Hollow Reservoir SWA

I wandered up and down the shoreline, marveling at how easily Yagi floated over dips and small mounds, rocks were no issue and she was easy to steer in the rough stuff.

Got back to the campsite, set up things for the night and enjoyed a nice sunset:

Monday was riding around the BLM area's trails, seeing what Yagi could do in spite of my lack of training or skills.

 Dawn revealed a cloud layer coating the valley where
Florence, CO is located.

 Reminded me of a ship at sea, riding in the fog....

Being a dark-colored motorcycle, Yagi is difficult to photograph at times, but she does silhouette very well.

After wandering about the BLM trails (not very scenic really, lots of sage brush and pine trees bordering the narrow rocky trails, open spaces with bushes and more sage brush plus cacti...)  I headed into the nearby Hollow Brush Reservoir SWA (State Wildlife Area).

Returned back to Penrose BLM, ate dinner and then headed to the main RV parking area for sunset pictures.

Tuesday, no riding, just working, relaxing around the RV and getting some chores done.  I did, after being reminded by RichardM, finally install the battery monitor and shunt to more accurately monitor the house battery status.

 The shunt is connected to the house battery's negative terminal
Phone wire used to connect to the monitor.

The data available to me:
12.95v as I went to sleep and 12.54v, in the morning, mostly the fridge.


Rode Yagi down to Cañon City under bright sunny skies.  Skyline Drive was of course the first stop:

After Skyline Drive, it was some dirt riding along Temple Canyon Road, rode about the Temple Canyon Park enjoying Yagi's ability to deal with the sometimes rough terrain.

Back on the BLM land between the park and the city, I checked out narrow hillside trails, proving to myself that Yagi could make short work of them even though I did take them at slow speed.

A brief detour to check out the south side of Brush Hollow Reservoir and to take attend a work meeting by phone:

Returning to Penrose BLM, I checked out part of the Independence Trail System.  As you can see, the first step is a doozie in this section!  There were even steel anchors provided for Jeepers to winch their rigs down.  Nope, not for me.

Stayed up till past midnight on a work crisis so didn't get much time to catch the sunset, I actually missed the good stuff but this one didn't turn out so bad:

Thursday:  Time to go home.

So, a good Glamping trip, short but sweet.  The Pitbull Trailer Restraint System is working out great.  I've got a better way to monitor the house battery, but best of all Yagi proves to be quite capable offroad!

I only dropped her once, Thursday morning as I did one of the trails again.  Managed to miss the line and almost went off the trail.  Stalled the motorcycle and down we went on its right side.

My right ankle was slightly pinned under the cargo rack but my ATV boots protected it.  Not so fortunate was the exhaust pipe burning through the material on the inside of my left pant leg!

Luckily, I was able to kill the engine, and move off the motorcycle before the burn got bad.  A little gas leaked from the spare gas can at the rear of the cargo rack but otherwise no damages except to my pride.

I have to remember to take a pic next time.
Picked up Yagi with no issues, got my breathing under control again, and kept riding back towards the RV.  All good!


RichardM said...

Nice write up. The Pitbull System seems to be a good setup especially if you are solo. And the TW turns out to be a great addition to your boondocking travels.

Andrew Thomson said...

Who needs 4WD when 1WD will go more places?

Looks like Yaggi/Mighty Mouse territory to me...

Mucho fun!

Trobairitz said...

A great week out with Yagi. Those little TWs excel at puttering around on trails at a slow rate, they are in their element. A am glad you are enjoying it so far. And yes, they do tip over occasionally, luckily they are light to pick up. Glad you didn't get a bad burn.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz, apparently it was a second degree burn according to Martha the nurse. Got a nice blister going right now. Sewed up the hole in the pant leg, got a small heat shield inbound to attach to that particular portion of the header pipe for future drops.

SonjaM said...

Is this what they call 'open office space'? ;-)

Anyway I love your office and your way of spending the time between working. It looks like Yagi is the right one to keep you company and in a good mood. Well done, Dom.

Be careful out there. If the bike needs to take a nap make sure you get out of its way.