Thursday, May 17, 2018

In the first half of May....

A little bit of catch up being done with this posting, no real events but one and that one is on hold in terms of being posted due to issues beyond my control.

The R3W steering damper has worked out great for Scarlett, I've had zero instances of "head shake" and she takes bumps and pot holes with steadiness and surety now.

We had us some rain on May 3 and here's a pic of Scarlett getting wet under rainy Colorado skies; a rather uncommon occurrence I assure you.

Rainy Sunset

The next day, the fourth, proved somewhat better in terms of sunset conditions:

 Hazy conditions for the capital of the Stoner State

May 5th through the 6th, I went through what was to me a refresher Basic Rider Course for riders of Three-Wheeled motorcycles.  Much more to follow but for now, just a pic of me during the class:

May 7th's sunset was pretty good:

May 9th's sunset was better:

The sunset on the 10th was the best of the month of May so far:

Some mechanical notes for record:

Replaced the clutch cable on Brigitta, my '87 R80 Beemer, I discovered the end at the handlebar lever quite frayed!  Luckily, I had a spare but am still tweaking the adjustment a bit.  Quite different from a URAL's clutch cable adjustment on the gearbox side.

Scarlett: After much fiddling with the original issue being a high idle when engine was hot and unable to get it to idle at 1000 rpm AND be balanced per the Harmonizer tool; I opted for correct RPMs and skewed balance at idle.  The left side throttle body is somehow letting air in (checked all components, no luck); which causes vacuum higher on the right.

Once off idle though, and through the gears, the throttle bodies are balanced withing 4 mbars of center!  She sounds better too, not racing when at idle and engine warm.  Hopefully, I'm not doing long term damage.

Thinking of going camping again at the Hugo SWA (State Wildlife Area) this Sunday, but not for certain.


Kari Kropf said...

That rainy pic. I just came from Richard's ugly spring post. Are you guys competing to try and convince everyone that your home states are ugly? Scare away the tourists? Prolly not gonna work. 😂 Kudos boning up on the skills. Never hurts to get a refresher.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Kari....truly terrible here in the stoner state....

RichardM said...

But CO sunsets are much nicer. Up north, the next sunset isn't until August. So, anyone who wants beautiful sunsets, Colorado is the place to go!

Charlie6 said...

Yes but make sure to pick a spot on the front range....

SonjaM said...

Pics with bad weather in it? You almost got me, Dom. However, I still believe you live in a beautiful part of the US.

Trobairitz said...

Thanks for the catch-up pictures Dom.

A beautiful state for sure even with the Stoners. Wait,that sounds like Oregon too.

Charlie6 said...

SonjaM, the front range is rapidly becoming an overcrowded cesspool of cagers and stoners....Martha and I are thinking of other spots.

Thanks Trobairitz....yes it does