Monday, March 06, 2017

Sunday Ride for Brigitta, Sunset for Scarlett

It was Brigitta's turn for some exercise this Sunday morning, a bit windy but not cold.  Cloudy skies with gaps allowing the sunshine through every once in a while.

Headed south on Colorado Highway 83, through Parker, through Franktown and down some nice pavement with really nice sweeping curves keeping things interesting while the wind tried to push us outside our lane.

First stop was just past Castlewood Canyon, on a turn off from the state highway.  It was here that I realized I'd forgotten to put the memory card back into my Sony A5000 camera.  I had to make do with my iPhone 6's camera.

Continuing south towards the new preferred spot for posing motorcycles with Pikes Peak in the background:

Brigitta and I will have to return another day, with the real camera.  The telephoto abilities of the iphone 6 proved "lacking" today.

That evening, Scarlett (now much quieter since I reseated and tightened the muffler) and I motored towards the usual Sunset viewing spot.  Sunsetwx had predicted a pretty good sunset potential:

Warmer colors mean better sunset potentials

Things started in a promising manner:

As darkness fell with the sun setting behind the Front Range Mountains, I was starting to think that sunsetwx was going to be wrong this time about the sunset.

Then, the magic happened.  The light from the sun shone out fiercely from behind Mount Evans, casting a red/orange glow that looked like fire.

Soon, it turned into quite the light show, with Mount Evans being the main attraction.  

 Longs Peak was looking good as well

As the above light show developed, cars were stopping near me to take pictures; one idiot nearly got himself run over  by standing in the middle of the damn road taking pictures, in the deepening darkness, with cars coming at him.

I yelled at him, which apparently gave him a clue to his stupidity, he saw the cars headed his way, and he hurried back to his car.  Idiot.

Moron aside, it was a great ending to a nice day of riding.  A bit windy but apparently Monday is going to be even worse with Wind Warnings in effect for our area.  

Here's a video featuring the above pictures, hope you like it.


Steve Williams said...

You realize that Brigitta is a far more beautiful model than the URAL right? You can't go wrong photographing that motorcycle. Each photo is outstanding.

That is one fine machine.

You've got some amazing skies. Either I'm not looking hard enough or we just don't have that color palette here.

Nice work.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Steve Williams, Brigitta is a thoroughbred to Scarlett's plow that what you are alluding to? :)

Brigitta is smoother and faster and nimbler, of that there is no doubt. She's got good looks and even iphone photos, heavily post-processed, are getting more hits than those of Scarlett it seems.

And yet, it's the Ural rigs that get to go out more.....what's that say about me?

Scarlett and Fiona though, are much easier to pose on all manner of terrain, one has to be so much more careful with Brigitta. She may look sleek but can be a handful when not moving.

Check out sunsetwx, when it shows red in your stomping grounds, you should get some nice skies at sunset?

By the by, it was your posing of Brigitta at Red Rocks, oh so long ago, that caused me to pose her thus in the pictures, thanks for that.

SonjaM said...

I especially like that new header picture of yours. The colours are spectacular!!!

redlegsrides said...

Vielen Danke SonjaM

Steve Williams said...

I still have fond memories of that ride through Red Rocks and on to Lookout Mountain. Brigitta is a beautiful motorcycle and a fine riding companion. I've scoured the internet for something similar more than once.

Plow horses are handsome animals. I was no way equating the URAL with a horse, but merely pointing out the relative differences between the two as models. I remember the difficulty I had photographing the URL when I was testing them. I found a few good angles but it was tough.

The slow speed handling of motorcycles in general, especially trying to place them for photos, is a definite weak spot. I remember the anxiety of doing that with the BMW K1600 GTL. What a load of a motorcycle that is when you aren't moving, or trying to navigate it through gravel to the right position.

Oh the joy of a Vespa scooter!

redlegsrides said...

ah yes, the BMW K1600 GTL would be quite the hippo to move around for poses. Maria, the R1150RT was more than enough of an elephant sometimes.

Tanvi said...

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redlegsrides said...

Thank you Anuj Agarwal for this honor.