Saturday, November 12, 2016

21st Wedding Anniversary Ride to Weston Pass

You of course knew that the theme for the 21st Wedding Anniversary is Motorcycle Riding right?

Of course you did!

We woke to a cold, cold dawn with temperatures around 23 degrees Fahrenheit but with some nice colors in the eastern skies.

 A slight bit of icing on Scarlett

Once the sun was up a bit more it lit up this rock formation to our
southwest nicely.

After some work and a sumptuous breakfast by my loving wife of twenty-one years:

Around 9:00 AM, temperature outside was 40 degrees Fahrenheit and so it was time to ride!  We geared up, locked up the RV, and headed out under beautiful skies with light cloud cover.

The entrance to the road to Weston Pass is located just south of the town of Fairplay, CO.  It was just over 13 miles to the summit and while the first 2/3rds of these 13 miles were relatively easy though sometimes bumpy and rocky, the last 1/3 was steep and very rocky!  

Still, Scarlett powered on through with no issues all the way to the summit:

The scenery at the summit was "ok".  I'd passed by the sign for Weston Pass many times in the last few years, and now know, there wasn't much to miss about it.

 Riding on down the mountain road, the deteriorating remnants of 
old houses and shacks to mark where folks had once lived.

Faded Old Glory on the side of this barn as we approached
US 285 on our way to lunch at Fairplay.

We stopped at the South Park Steakhouse in Fairplay and had a rather tasty Pulled Pork Sandwich with Tangy BBQ sauce.

After lunch and some UDF, we got ourselves a bundle of wood at the Fairplay hardware store and motored on back to Uma, the URRV.  Arriving without incident, we relaxed the rest of the afternoon, enjoying the warm weather.

Not much of a sunset to end this day, but overall, a pretty good way to spend one's anniversary!


RichardM said...

23°F is pretty chilly for boondocking! But it does look nice and sunny and wine with breakfast (or is that champagne?).

SonjaM said...

Congrats to your 21st and wishing for many more to come. This is one perfect way to spend the day.

Steve Williams said...

Congratulations on 21 years together. No small feat in this modern world. And to be riding through the Colorado wilderness in a URAL together, well, that's special and something neither of you will soon forget.

I've been lurking on your blog and absorbing your adventures with UMA and that variation of life on the road. Kim and I have discussed something like it in the past but never pursued beyond conversation. Maybe I should plan to spend our next anniversary on the road with a scooter and RV!

Best wishes...


Trobairitz said...

It sounds like a great way to spend your anniversary. Your low temperatures are chilly though, but you are in the mountains. It is good the days are sunny.

Happy Anniversary (belated)

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, this morning we woke to 29F, felt quite warmer! Not champagne, the wine was from the night before.

SonjaM, thanks...

Steve Williams, sounds like a plan to me! We'll meet while on the road in our respective RVs with "real rides" in tow? Thanks.

Trobairitz, the temperatures weren't too bad once bundled up and the sun came out. Thanks for the comments.

Bluekat said...

The perfect way to spend an anniversary. Much better than what the stupid jewelry stores tell you in their ads. Frost on the windshield ... hmmm ... at least it's dry and sunny. I spent the night in Fairplay on our bicycle tour. Nice little town. We had a little walk around, and then sleet and hail blew in. The next day was spectacular riding weather for going over the pass.

redlegsrides said...

Kari, thanks, Martha has never been one for baubles. As to weather here, it sometimes changes quite fast....

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to you both - what a wonderful way to celebrate!

redlegsrides said...

thanks motoventures....

bouls said...

A motorcycle, an understanding loving wife and amazing scenery! You are a lucky man! I hope you have many more happy anniversaries together!

redlegsrides said...

thanks Bouls, yes, truly fortunate.