Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Ireland-UK Trip: England Day 6 - Hampton Court and Winchelsea

A pretty good day of touring and driving in southern England today.

Starting from Farnborough where we'd spent the night in a pub that had a few rooms (live music night so I was kept up till past midnight).  Still, it was OK acommodations, the price was certainly right at less than 60 pounds.

We headed towards Hampton Court, the palace that was the home of William III and Henry VIII.  We got there just as they were opening so the crowds weren't there yet; by the time we left the crowds and traffic in town were horrendous.  Good weather and the weekend you see, it brought everyone out in droves!

The mess being cleaned up in the foreground is the remnants of
a music festival held here yesterday I believe.  Normally, folks
would come in through this main gate, 
but we went through the Seymour
gate instead.

 Pretty ornate stairwell and ceiling decorations eh?

 The King's Withdrawing room, where the real business of state go conducted.

View of the Privy Garden from the King's Withdrawing Room

 The painted ceiling of the King's Small Bedroom, where William III most
regularly slept.

 The clock tower on Clock Court

 Fountain Court

 One of the corridors forming Fountain Court

 Part of the gardens surrounding the palace

 Ponds Garden

 World's Largest Vine

 The statues holding up staffs caught my eye

 Anne Boleyn's Gate

 The Great Hall

 King Henry VIII and his family.

Court Jester, detail from the previous photo of King Henry VIII and family

Final view of main gate from inside the palace.

Took some time but we finally escaped southwards away from the London area traffic and the crowds which had started to fill up Hampton Court.

Although we told the Waze GPS app to take us via the fastest way to Winchelsea, we swear it took us through the most narrow and twisting lanes (I can't really call the roads) through the English countryside!  

Still, we made it to Winchelsea safe and sound.  A nice little seaside town that was once a member of the Cinque Ports, ancient ports important to the English king as they not only provided commerce but also provided ships for use by the king in exchange for certain rights and franchises that generated money.

more info about the town here: LINK

 Strand Gate, one of three remaining medieval gates that used to guard the town.

Saint Thomas the Martyr Church,
located across the street from the inn we stayed at.

Two of the several stained glass windows church:

If you look closely, looks like they're fighting
a monster squid!

Dinner was at the New Inn, we went for a drive after dinner to check out the beach at Camber Sands.  It was windy and cold and almost deserted.

And, as has been the case any time we've been near the ocean, the tide is out.


Bob and Sharon said...

I love he fact that your taking the time to see everything. Sharon sister lived there for a while and we were lucky enough to spend a lot of time touring, Four separate trips Sharon and her sister would spend a month together and I would slide in for 2 weeks at a time. They would set up a itinerary for my two weeks there and it was non-stop when I got there. We were able to get into Buckingham palace It was the very first and only time it was open to the public.

Are the Hovercrafts still travelling to Calais that is a neat side trip

Great write-ups I'm enjoying your trip

redlegsrides said...

Thanks, Bob and Sharon, I'll let you know if we see hovercraft once we're in the Dover area.

Trobairitz said...

Love that last photo of you two!!

Hampton Court looks lovely - those gardens.........

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz...the gardens were pretty nice, even for a non-gardening guy like me. Quite the opulent palace the English kings had....I wonder how many minions it took to run it....

SonjaM said...

Can't believe that my last visit to Hampton Court happened twenty odd years ago. Not surprised to see that nothing has changed since... thanks for the memories, Dom. And the last pic is so sweet ;-)

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, though Martha is clinging to me solely because she refuses to drive the rental car! :)