Saturday, March 26, 2016

A gray Holy Saturday with a warm Sunset

Just a dusting of more snow for us here on the southeastern side of the Metro Denver area.  The roads are clear and wet, no real ice encountered even though the temperature didn't rise above 24°F (-4.4°C).

Scarlett and I meandered about looking, seeking spots which perhaps some snow accumulation or trees silhouetted against the thick overcast clouds which covered us as a dome covers a snow globe.

One can almost see the curved edges of the imaginary snow globe that
seemed to cover the area, so dense were the snow clouds overhead.
The wet pavement provided a nice reflective surface at times.
I've always like to try and capture a tree's discordantly balanced tree limbs
and branches against a light background sky.

Towards the mid-afternoon, skies started clearing as the snow clouds blew away to the south and east.  We enjoyed a couple of hours of starkly blue skies before more clouds moved in towards the sunset hour.

This is just for you to compare the same scene this morning as shown
in the first picture.

The front range mountains were crowned by a wide and seemingly solid bank of clouds which prevented a really nice sunset, we had to settle for a fair one.  Try as it might, the setting sun couldn't really penetrate the thick clouds.


RichardM said...

I think my favorite is the 4th photo. I guess I'm just a sucker for blue skies.

redlegsrides said...

Blue skies are OK, we get such nice blues here in Colorado...but I prefer a bit of clouds.

VStar Lady said...

I like blue as well, but the first three are so dramatic. It was all blue skies here today'

redlegsrides said...

Thanks VStar Lady, that's the effect I was going for.