Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yep, another Colorado Sunset

One never knows how many sunsets one is going to get to see and enjoy, so today I blog about yet another beautiful Colorado sunset.

This was one of those occasions where of the 105 pictures I took, it took me a while to whittle it down to 13 to post-process, ending up with the 7 pictures below.  I hope you like them.

 Downtown Denver's Skyline

 I wonder if a similar sunset back in old Japan inspired their battle flag

Reminds me of burning embers of a dying fire


RichardM said...

In Japan it would've the rising sun. As in "Land of the rising sun".

Really nice selection of sunsets.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, doh! I stand corrected....still, you can see where they might have been inspired....

ToadMama said...

They're all lovely, but 4 and 6 are my favorites. So true about never knowing when a sunset or any experience will be your last. Enjoy it while you can!

redlegsrides said...

If I must, Kathy K., if I must..... :)