Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Young Riders (and one Goose) on a Two Year URAL Adventure...

Stumbled upon this blog via a posting on  Five young riders (they look like they're in their mid-20s at most!), on five 650cc URAL Sidecar Rigs;  riding a planned 30,000 Km route from Europe all the way through Asia, across the Bering Strait (by boat I am sure), and into North America all the way to our eastern coast.

Check out their blog for more details about the riders, the route and their plans:  LINK

From their blog:

Five with a zest for action
We are friends and together we have already implemented several projects in recent years, which include artistic collaboration, joint exhibition projects and publication of a book, as well as several field trips to various countries.

What makes us different is our zest for action. There are so many challenges that we want to deal with, causing us many long sleepless nights until we have finally mastered them. Not only as a group but also on the basis of our experience we feel strong enough to accomplish this.

The message from all of our projects that we want to transmit to the people is: Do something! Start! Give yourself a shake and all is possible!

The Five Riders

The expedition's aerial photographer: Blockbuster.
Apparently, trained to fly about the riders with a GoPro 
Camera attached!

Think about it, artistic types with no professional mechanic experience/training, in fact there's a stated "lack of knowledge" on their blog, expecting to learn to fix things as they go.  No support vehicles and crews, riding old URAL sidecar rigs with the old 650cc engines and a seemingly "let's see what happens and see who we meet" plan for the journey.

They've also got a Facebook page where most of the updates on the trip so far have appeared, my guess is the blog might not be updated as often as their Facebook page.

I am looking forward to reading of their adventures, ah to be young again.....(though I was never this easy going)


RichardM said...

Thank's for the link. I wonder how they intend to get from Russia to Alaska? Boat would be cheapest but I don't think that there is any commercial shipping from Russia to Alaska.

Maybe across the Bering Strait during the Winter and up the Yukon River on the ice!

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, is that even doable?

RichardM said...

Up the river on the ice is "doable" but difficult. Across the Bering Strait is also possible but probably not permitted.

David Masse said...

Dom, I don't know if you know, but Bob Leong passed away suddenly in Nashville. The news is slowing making the rounds on the blogs.



redlegsrides said...

David I didn't know, that is tragic news! How can Martha and I help?