Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Scarlett's First Tire Change

Changing out one's tires on a motorcycle involves time, tools, and on a hot Colorado morning, a lot of sweat by yours truly.  I had the bright idea of just using the tools I would have on the road, to swap the worn down tire on my pusher wheel (8965km).

Still a "bit of meat" left you say?  This was the best looking portion of the old tire.

Actually, despite the heat, it wasn't that difficult once I figured out the angles once again on using tire irons to remove the old tire.  The inner tube came out without problems and mounting the new tire was easier than dismounting the old one.

I must say, the use of the Baja Tool No Pinch tool was key to mounting the Duro 308 tire I had on hand.  I love this tool, makes things so much easier.

Now, the whole thing (I took many breaks due to the heat), took a bit less than three hours.  Sure, one could argue that I could have taken the wheel off, schlepped it to the shop where they swap out tires for you for about $25, a bit more if you didn't buy the replacement tire from the shop....but then, where would my present sense of accomplishment be?

New Duro 308

Oh, and based on previous times when I did have someone do it, about same amount of time involved due to travel and waiting at the shop; just much less sweat on my part!


Richard M said...

That Baja No-Pinch tool is fantastic. I almost look forward to changing out tires. Almost. I still need to find a tool to help get the old tire loose. Something like a portable bead breaker.

Charlie6 said...

RichardM, I am not ashamed to say I kissed the no pinch tool after I used it. As to breaking beads, no need, just step on the URAL's tires, the bead breaks easy.

Richard M said...

I've used the Baja tool three times so far all on the Beemer wheels and it works great. Mounting tires is only a couple of minutes now...

I have three K37 tires ordered for the Ural.