Friday, May 16, 2014

Scarlett gets the v1.07 EFI Mapping.

I found out yesterday, via that a new EFI mapping had been sent to dealers by URAL.  So this morning I rode to Fort Collins today to get Scarlett's ECU's programmed with the newly issued v1.07 EFI mapping.  Good timing really, as I had today off.

The ride up was in mild weather, with mild winds and light traffic on the frontage and county roads.  Scarlett was running as strong as ever and I wondered really how much difference the upgrade would make.

Initial reports from both Darrell S, a fellow Uralista and the renowned Mr COB; both of whom had their rigs EFI mapping upgraded, had been very good.  I got to Unique Rides and after a bit of time (they were busy getting their inventory on display and tending to other customers, was told to drive Scarlett over to the workshop:

Scarlett, her OBD port hooked up to Randy's laptop

 First, the left ECU is programmed.

 Then, the right ECU is programmed.

Less than ten minutes and the engine is turned on to check the
balance of the ECUs.  Scarlett looked good!

Some differences with the new EFI mapping, measurement is now in millibars, not kilopascals.  Gone is the previous instruction to balance the ECUs to 35 kilopascals.  I took a few pics before I left the dealership:

 Valencia, looking as pretty as ever.  She's waiting for a new owner folks!

I must say, the striking good looks of the Black/Silver Patrol are very nice.

Here's what posted on Soviet Steeds upon returning home:

I must say, though it was less than 90 miles back to home from Fort Collins, I could feel a difference with the v1.07 of the EFI mapping!

The popping and stumble when the engine was room temperature was almost non-existent as I rode from Randy's workshop back to the front parking lot. I only heard a very soft pop, one pop.

I picked up parts for Darrell and myself, and left the dealership around 1230 I think.

The rig felt smooth and I decided to run for a bit on the I-25 super slab. She pulled strongly, as before on v1.06, all the way to 55 mph and then I noted the difference with 1.07, the engine didn't seem to work as hard or vibrate as much as before as I reached past 60 and got to 65mph. It was kind of hard to know exactly how fast I was going as the speedo needle kept waving between 60-65, then between 65-70 when I rolled a bit more throttle on. Note, I still had a bit more throttle to go at this point but traffic wouldn't let me go faster.

I had, before I bought the 2014 rig, decided I would never exceed 65 mph during rides so am pretty happy at this point with the feel of the engine at 60-65. The cheapo tachometer I have, read 4800 rpm at 65mph. Note, this was going AGAINST a slight wind and on a slight incline.

Gone apparently is the occasional popping on deceleration while gearing down or just simply rolling off the throttle. 

Bottom line, am happy with this new EFI mapping. We'll see how the engine runs when stone cold, that's when the most popping and stumbling occurred until I managed to roll some throttle on as I exited the neighborhood. In v1.06, it would be fine after that initial stumbling and the only things that had been bugging me was the sporadic popping noises when letting off on the throttle when slowing.

More riding is of course in order to get the full feel of this upgrade. The ECU also has to learn my driving habits all over again apparently, as that gets reset when doing an upgrade.

If you ride a 2014 rig, you should really consider getting the v1.07 EFI mapping from your dealer. I sure will be glad when riders can do their own EFI mapping upgrades without having to go to the dealer, it was two hours up, two hours back and a couple of hours at the dealer (they were really busy, the upgrade itself took less than ten minutes) so spent most of the day doing this.

As you can see, though it took most of the day I had off, I am quite happy with the upgrade.  Training tomorrow, but that's a different posting.

Kudos to URAL for working so fast on developing and issuing EFI mappings to address issues with the new rigs and their ECUs!


Richard M said...

It sounds like a solid improvement. I'm surprised that your 2011 is still on the lot. It looks pretty good with an almost new engine.

Charlie6 said...

RichardM, yep, a good upgrade and whomever takes Valencia is going to get themselves a great rig.

Richard M said...

BTW, in the first photo it looks like the interface is simply serial.

Charlie6 said...

Only two wires are involved that I can tell from looking at the connector on the cable used by the dealer.

Richard M said...

Should've zoomed in on the connector. Two wires with no ground wouldn't be serial. Not sure what it would be.

Steve Williams said...

Sounds like the new mapping is a big improvement. Makes you wonder why the factory doesn't set it up that way.

On a sad note, a fellow Vespa rider told me last week he bought a URAL. He was smiling but I suspect a tumor or other nervous ailment at work...

Have fun with more throttle!


Charlie6 said...

Sad note Steve? I don't think'll probably see your fellow Vespa rider's smiling muscles get more of a workout as he rides his Ural about town.

Steve Williams said...


You're just not going to be satisfied until I have a URAL in the garage are you?

It will have to wait until I get a bigger garage.

Charlie6 said...

Bigger garage? A tarp will suffice for your car, c'mon! We've seen the magical photos you took of that orange Ural you had loaned to you....the world wants more of that.

Richard M said...

And you just happen to know where there's another magical orange Ural...

Charlie6 said...

Why yes, RichardM, yes I do.....I could even be talked into delivering it to Pennsylvania

Martha said...

Yep,we have a trailer and a summer vacation yet to be scheduled, so Steve,just say the word and we can make it happen. Why yes, my enabling extends beyond the boundaries of my own household.