Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vintage Colorado Motorcycling

Regular readers know, I am fond of the "Then and Now" motif for blog postings, depicting scenes/buildings from over a century ago and showing how they look today.  My main source of historical photos has been the great archive run by the Denver Public Library.

As I'd been focused on the "Then and Now" theme, I'd neglected to do more "fun" searches of this large set of photographical archives.  Here's what I found when I searched for the terms Sidecar and Motorcycle, I hope you enjoy these photos as I did.  Note: Unless noted otherwise, source of all photos is from the link above.

Circa 1910-1920, near the Archer Canal in Denver
The tug is a Thor Motorcycle, the logo on the sidecar appears to say Rogers
"That is not a happy looking monkey"

arl18, date unknown
 Otha Rice, a Denver Businessman, here as a teenager astride
an Indian Motorcycle.

Circa 1910-1920
A Denver neighborhood with a motorcycle parked out front.

Man on Excelsior Autocycle, near Archer Canal, Denver
Circa 1910-1915

Man standing with motorcycle, on Alameda Avenue, Denver
Circa 1910-1920

Circa 1910?
The engine/transmission is in the front wheel!

Circa 1922
Harry M. Rhoads and his Daughter
He was a Denver Post Photographer who apparently
rode this Indian motorcycle to assignments.

View of the Gates Rubber Co. Building circa 1910-1920
Closeup below is of the motorcycle shown in the photo above.

 It kind of looks like an Indian Motorcycle but not sure.

Circa 1925-1935
Closeup of Police Officer and motorcyle
in front of ambulance.
Anyone recognize the logo on the gas tank?

Old and New Steeds at an Play Fair Opening Day 
Celebration in Central City, CO.
Circa 1965

An early motorcycle race circa 1910-1930

 Winter-Weiss, got its start apparently with sidecars, and 
later on manufactured trailers for the military during WWII
Below three pictures were some of their products.
Circa 1930

 Next time you think it's a bother to bring along that small point and shoot camera:
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and Winter-Weiss Sidecar platform
Circa 1920-1930

Mobile advertising at its best, back in the day.....
An Indian Motorcycle with a Winter-Weiss Sidecar Platform
and an oversized Milk Bottle.

Hope you enjoyed this peak at yesteryear in terms of motorcycles here in the great state of Colorado.  If you can identify any of the motorcycles more fully, please let me know.  


Canajun said...

Some great old photos there. Thanks for sharing.

Bluekat said...

How fun to see the old photos! Perhaps that one was the gopro prototype. :)

redlegsrides said...

Cajanun, thanks, and you're most welcome.

Bluekat, I bet the guy riding the rig with the camera or the milk bottle got all kinds of attention!

Unknown said...


Now you're talking. I liked the one with the BIG camera.

I like to look at old photos too. sometimes I wonder how it would had been if all of us grew up in those times at the dawn of motorized transport

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Those are really neat Dom.

I like how dapper everyone appears.

Thanks for putting that set together for us to enjoy.

RichardM said...

MCC-3799 must be where the forward control thing started. But if you put one of those front wheels on, you'd have 3WD. Unstoppable...

redlegsrides said...

Bobskoot, figured you'd like the one with the big camera on the sidecar platform! Those were different times back then, I am not sure we'd be having as much fun, shall we say.

Trobairitz, you're quite welcome, glad you liked them.

RichardM, turns out, I think a Russian guy modded his ural to have a drive chain on his front wheel, he's effectively got 3WD!

RichardM said...

Here's one with a driveshaft running to the front wheel.