Sunday, February 05, 2012

Snowy Deer Creek Canyon

A bright sunny day here in Colorado, with temperatures in the low 20s as I left the house shortly before 9:00AM enroute to the Denver Tech Center (DTC) where I had some work to do.

Today's view of part of my cul-de-sac, to give you
an idea of the amount of snow we had to deal with.

Work done by Noon, I wandered about the usual spots in the DTC, posing Yoshie here and there as the light and snow accumulations suggested:

 The entrance to Westlands Park in the DTC was well thought out, don't you think?

Snowy Parking Lot in the DTC

I rode south till I got to County Line Road and then I headed West along it until I stopped by the Harley Davidson dealership near Santa Fe Road.  I was riding about, looking for a good spot to capture the foothills of the Front Range and saw this metal sculpture:

At the Harley Dealership

I found a good spot near where the above sculpture is located to show you a view of the "Foothills".

 The Foothills of the Front Range

Zooming in on a portion of the Foothills.

Turning South on Santa Fe Drive, I was soon going fast on the C-470 Super Slab but only for a short while, exiting at the Wadsworth Blvd exit and cutting south to Deer Creek Canyon Road.

Deer Creek Canyon is a lovely two lane road which twists and turns along Deer Creek and is bordered on both sides by tall rocky canyon walls of brown and red rock.  The road was surprisingly clear of snow and ice, with only one spot that a two-wheeled motorcycle would only have to traverse slowly.

My first stop was Deer Creek Canyon Park where houses dwell amongst some lovely rock formations, partially covered after the recent storm with snow, appearing as if coated in white frosting.

 Panographic view within Deer Creek Canyon Park

The hills of Deer Creek Canyon, you can see the 
Lockheed Martin Office Building in the distance.

I exited the park and continued heading into Deer Creek Canyon, enjoying the almost non-existent traffic as I slowly rode the twists and turns, enjoying the view of snow-covered pine trees and snow-covered rock formations:

 Some of the curves on Deer Creek Canyon Road

I turned north at the junction of Deer Creek Canyon Road and South Valley Road, now heading North towards the South Valley Park.  You can see interesting red rock formations to the East of the road as you make your way to the park.  There's plenty of hiking trails and even today, one could see trails cutting through the deep snow made by hikers.

South Valley Park

It was in the low 30s by this point but it was time for me to head home.  Once home, I washed Yoshie down to get rid of all the magnesium chloride which had gotten on her due to road spray.  The brilliant sun you see, was melting the snow we'd gotten over the last two days and the roads were wet with water.

Pretty good day for riding, I hope you got a ride in.


SonjaM said...

The panoramic view is definitely my favorite. And I love the last one for the contract of blue skies, red rock and white snow. Lovely!

Bluekat said...

Dang that's a lot of snow, but so pretty!
The entrance is great - nice view, nicely framed.
I too, really like the panorama.

Oz said...

You guys got a lot of snow. Your ride to Deer Creek Canyon must have been awesome. Great photos. No ride for me. I finally got my new front tire mounted and the wheel back on yesterday (Sunday).

irondad said...

You know, I heard about your record snow storms and kinda worried about you. Guess I shouldn't have wasted my energy.

There you were in the snow like a sea lion in the ocean. I tip my helmet to you.

By the way, are you ever going to try putting a small blade on the front of the hack unit to clear your street with?

And I did read the examiner link, too.

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, thanks for the visit and nice comments....

Bluekat, yep, we got a lot of it this time....someone was indeed thinking when they designed that park entrance. Thanks for commenting.

Motoroz, it was indeed a very pretty ride....wish I'd remembered to take the gopro. Oh well, thanks for the visit.

Irondad, no need to worry about me usually, this may change during the upcoming Elephant Ride but we'll see. As to putting a plow on the sidecar, it's already got too much drag now! There's been apparently efforts to put plows on the tug though.....Ural Plow or moto plow

Thanks for the comments.