Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Reluctance to Ride

The end of January for a brand new year approaches and I've not ridden every single day of the month.

It's not because of my current mechanical issues with Natasha, my Ural sidecar rig.

It's not because of snow-covered or ice-covered roads as Colorado is actually enjoying quite a mild winter so far, as opposed to the East Coast states.

It's not because of lack of time or opportunity for short rides, heck, for that matter, long rides on the weekends.

It's not because of lack of motorcycle to ride, as my Brigitta, the R80 Beemer Airhead stands ready and willing.

Really can't get my head around it really:

Maybe its because that even though the roads are clear, there's no places to go during the weekdays with worthwhile scenery; I live after all near the eastern plains of the front range; and one can only go so far within one's lunch hour even when "working from home" or telecommuting.

Maybe its because all the really nearby stuff has been visited over and over during short rides taken "just to be riding".

Maybe its because the weather has been so "nice" that it's not much of an adventure.  Sure, I've ridden to and from work in temperatures that kept most riders from riding, but its riding to and from work along the same boring path.

Maybe its all the research I've been doing on possible alternatives to the Ural, most of which are not panning out which have me thinking of other motorcycles to "inject" some newness to the rides.

All I know, is that being able to say I rode every day for the year 2011 is now not possible, but the worrying thing is "I don't care".  Not that I don't like to ride, far from it, but now the "urge" is somewhat controllable.

Weird huh?


motoroz said...

Understandable. Sounds like you need some new areas to ride. Maybe you just need a small break. Hope you keep posting.

SonjaM said...

I'm with motoroz on this, riding in familiar areas as well as the daily commute can be as boring as driving a cage. Maybe it is time to plan a major road trip. You might simply need the taste of new roads and the unknown.

bobskoot said...


I think it has to do with riding the same roads over and over. I have the same problem. All the roads within a 3 day weekend have all been done. Same scene but different weather and different lighting conditions. I like to keep seeing new vistas, get new experience on new uncharted roads so now my radius has expanded to over a week and that is not always possible.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Allen Madding said...

Actually, I am right there with you. Last year I rode 95% of all the winter days regardless of how low the mercury went. This year, I do not feel the need to prove to myself I can do it. And, I don't get up on a 16F morning and say "I really wanna fight an hours worth of commuter traffic in the cold today." So, I don't.

When I awoke Friday, it was 40F, and I wanted to ride. So, I did. It felt good. It felt good when I left work and it was 50F. But that same old grind of the commute is losing its thrill. Frankly, I will be glad when I never see it again.

I am wanting some time to ride the mountain roads, but other things took priority this weekend. But, it will come.

Hang in there. Hope there is a smattering of comfort knowing I somewhat share your pain.


Canajun said...

I share your feelings to some extent. While I will still take the bike to run errands whenever I can, just going for "a short ride" is becoming less attractive, mainly for the reason you mention - familiarity. I've ridden every road within an hour or so of home so many times I could probably do them blindfolded, and so it takes a more serious commitment to get to new places, new scenery, etc. And I don't often have a whole day to commit to a long ride.
Short of moving, I'm not sure there's a solution except to accept it for what it is and enjoy it when you can.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

There is absolutely no excuse needed not to ride. There are days when gearing up in the cold ios as aggravating as it is in the heat... But I have no intention of finding the icy patch that will do in both the bike and me.

Go look through your note books and you will find that one little trip that you never mentioned... Remember, the one where you nearly put your foot down on a rattle snake. Write up that one this week. It will feel as good as if you did ride to another destination.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twiated Roads

The snow is piled 6 feet deep in front of the bike bay. They are telling us to gear up for a jother storm of "some signigicance" on Tuesday.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Late to the party, but still here. I fully understand as I have only managed 5,000 miles in the past six months. That is unheard of for me.

Worse than riding those familiar roads is not being able to find the new words to make writing about them worthwhile. I think we all go through these times.

George F said...

I wish my problem was which road to go ride, we are still stuck in snow and now they are saying more for Saturday :-( This winter stinks.
I'm sure you still have places to go photograph your Brigitta :-)

Track said...

I have never seemed to have lost the love of riding, daily or otherwise. Started when I was 5, on my daddy's indian, around the farm, and now at 60 with the ural. Don't know if I'll ever lose that feeling...I hope I'll enjoy it while it lasts....enjoy your postings....have learned a lot from you...

Charlie6 said...

Motoroz, I am sure you're right...just a lot of things going on right now....thanks for commenting.

SonjaM: a major road trip....hmmmm

Bobskoot: same roads but hoping for interesting weather and lighting as you mention. I've just got to work on some of the lesser roads perhaps.

Charlie6 said...

Allen, thanks for commenting, am sure I'll get past these blues...

Canajun, yep, you see my point. However, must try harder to find the less explored roads...first got to fix the Ural. : )

Jack, thanks for your regular visits....if only my life was as "interesting" as yours seems to have been to be such a fount of great stories.....

Charlie6 said...

AZ Harley Dude, thanks for the and I need to shake off these blues it seems.

George F, thanks for visiting and reading this stuff. Yep, I'll be getting out. Hope you get a chance to do so soon as well!

Track, thanks for visiting and reading....glad you like the postings I do. As to learning from my postings, it's why I write about my errors along with my that others won't make the same mistakes perhaps. :)