Sunday, May 30, 2010

Furniture shopping on the Eastern Plains

Today the boys and I were "encouraged", after subtle hints and nudges failed to convey the message into my tiny brain, to go off and leave my loving wife with a quiet house for her to enjoy.

So, off I went with Patrick in the sidecar.  Miles, my younger son, had previously left on his push scooter thing to go visit with a neighborhood pal of his his.

Patrick and I rode over to the nearby mall to one of the mega book stores and whiled away a bit of time; him perusing books in the kid section and me looking for good titles to check for at the local public library.  Yeah, I'm cheap.  I used to buy books but would never read most of them again, so I figured, what's the point right?

It was close to 1:30 PM when Patrick and I wandered on over where Miles was hanging out.  I gave his friend Paul and brother Andrew a short ride in the sidecar, just around the block since neither boy had ever ridden in a sidecar rig.

The boys' friends then had to go prepare for their trip to Cheyenne, WY this afternoon to go see their uncle for Memorial Day.  I bundled the boys together into the sidecar and we went home to fetch Miles' ski helmet which is more robust than the bicycle helmet he'd been wearing to play with the scooter.  (The ski helmet is good for up to impacts of 60 mph).

This is how I fit both boys in the sidecar, one rides in front of the seat on a cushion located on the floor

I stayed on secondary roads and such and eventually we arrived at the undeveloped plains area near the Blackstone Country Club Community.  The boys gave me this weird look as they saw me leaving the pavement but they were soon enjoying the bumps and dips on the dirt trails.

They don't appear to be having fun, do they?

So the other day, my loving wife had mentioned that she wanted to replace the old sofa in the basement (that she picked out by the way) with a new one.  The boys and I spotted this old couch someone had dumped out there in the plains (dang swine) and it made for a good picture and the title of this posting.

A new couch their mom

We continued riding the dirt trails, dipping in and out of the low spots, the boys enjoying themselves.  Miles more than Patrick as he preferred to read the book I'd bought for him while we rode along.  Soon we were as close as we could get to the Aurora Reservoir and I took this shot of the two maniacs:

Sidecar Monkeys

Continuing on, we explored more dirt trails that would eventually lead us back towards the paved roads.  On the way though, we found another dump pile, this time the remains of a bedroom set and what looked like a perfectly good door and door frame!

Miles' new bedroom set and bedroom door

 Here's Miles goofing around with a couple of "candy canes" he'd spotted

We ran out of trails to explore though and we went off searching for a snack.  We found burgers and fries at a local "Good Times" burger joint.  A fitting name as we'd just had a pretty good time just rolling about the prairies on Natasha.

Beautiful weather here in Colorado as you can see, hope you got some riding in!


Gary France said...

Brilliant pictures of the kids. The second picture made me smile!

RichardM said...

When I saw the title, I was visualizing a table lashed to the top of the sidecar.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

There is a very good reason to buy new books as often as you buy parts for old motorcycles, built by America's naturao enemies. Purchasing new books compensates aurthors for their artistic abilitry and their commitment to living off the crumbs that fall from publishers' tables. If no new books are sold, then there would be no incentive for anyone to write one.

And as far as bullshit items like the "Kindle" are concerned, new books for downloading should cost the same as hardcopy editioons, and come with a self-destruct mode i the they event they are copied. :) (Not that I have an interest in this sort of thing! LOL.

Your kids look like they are having a great time. By the way, your Ural is the best advertisement for not purchasng a replacement alternator. I can't imagine any other kind of investment that has given you so much fun. At first, I thought you were nuts. But this Ural has opened all kinds of doors and has presented you with dozens of adventures.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

redlegsrides said...

Gary, thanks, they did have a lot of fun.

RichardM: my youngest actually wanted to haul the door back home....

Jack: your points, valid and true are well taken. I stand corrected in terms of why buy books. The Ural really has opened many doors for me...I am glad I got it, sometimes I wish I'd picked a more modern version but this is what fate has dealt me....