Friday, April 30, 2010

A different way to attend one's own wake

So I saw this posting on, and the thought that came to mind was a statement I'd made way back when to my loving wife.  "When I die, bury me with my motorcycle".   That statement was of course taken by her in the spirit it was given.  In other words, she rolled her eyes and moved away from me to another part of the house.

This guy, in Puerto Rico, took it to a different level of "making a statement" at his own funeral.

photo source:

No, that's not a picture of the guy before he died.  That's his corpse, posed on his motorcycle, at the funeral home, for the wake.

I guess, ATGATT is really not an issue at this point.  He died through other means, by the way.  Go to the link above for all the details, more pics and a video.


Totally unrelated, just a picture of the weather system moving into the Denver Metro area as I was riding home today.

Saw some snow flakes as I neared my house, maybe I'll wake to snow in the morning.

EOM Mileages:  Natasha 18,321 Km (2294 Km in April), Brigitta: 84,331 Miles (460 miles in April, sad), total for April: 1836.4 Miles. 


Unknown said...


at least in your URAL they could prop you up in the sidecar and someone else could lead the procession, unlike that static display.
Perhaps you could rig up some sort of motor with some linkage so you would appear to be waving at all your friends.

I hope it doesn't happen before we get to meet the real, living YOU

Wet Coast Scootin

redlegsrides said...


ya know, that's not a bad idea....

RichardM said...

Very cool clouds in the weather shot. I don't even know what to think about the other picture...

Gary France said...

Weird, but in its own way, cool. When they take him off the bike, they are going to need a very odd shaped coffin to put him in.

SonjaM said...

Weird wake. I hope they won't bury the bike with him.

Natasha in the field with clouds... much less disturbing ;-)

Chris said...

I've seen this on a number of sites this morning. WEIRD! The video of the guy on the bike is kinda creepy too.