Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My new Hero: Hubert Kriegel

I'd never heard of the man till this month's edition of the BMW Motorcycle Owner's Association publication of Owner's News. I am very glad that they did a write up on this guy, nay on this adventurer!

Hubert Kriegel is his name, a sidecar rig rider, in his early 60's, and criss-crossing his way around the world on a ten year adventure! He basically sold everything he had, equipped himself at first with a R100GSPD Tug mated to Ural Sidecar and off he went.

He's now on his fifth year of traveling the world and apparently has switched to using a Ural Sidecar rig; at least while he's in Russia....which is his current location apparently.

I got the following photos from the BMWMOA online version of the magazine article: The Timeless Ride.

As you can see, neither heat nor cold stop this guy from exploring the remote corners of our planet while on his sidecar rig. This guy is my new Hero!

Here's Mr Kriegel's website: The Timeless Ride , there's tons of pictures there, of which I've seen just a small amount during my lunchtime break.

As I mentioned before, the pictures and initial info are from the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association's website: LINK


Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

thank you for turning us onto this really cool website and the gentleman who at 70 is living my dream!

irondad said...

Cool! That means there's hope for us guys to keep playing Indiana Jones for some more years, yet.

Thanks for the link.

redlegsrides said...

chessie and irondad, glad you liked the link...this guy is pretty cool, not sure about the glasses though.

Chris said...

Wow there goes my free time. What a great site. I just wish he had an rss feed.

www.thetimelessride.com said...

But I am only 63 !!!

Thanks anyway, it's no big deal, I still feel like a teenager !!!

I am in Siberia on my way to Mongolia


redlegsrides said...

my apologies Hubert! I shall correct my posting immediately...I had my wife read the bmwmoa article over the phone and understand how I got confused. All my fault.

thank you for posting and your correction, again...looking forward to reading of your further adventures!