Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend, 2009

Afternoon thunderclouds over the Rockies precluded my riding to Mount Evans today as planned. I had taken my youngest son to see the new Star Trek movie, good flick by the way, and by the time we came out of the early show, the skies were darkening to the north and west.

I decided to switch plans and visit the Fort Logan National Cemetery today instead of tomorrow during the actual Memorial Day.

I rode out to the cemetery and found I was but one of many fellow veterans and their families who were there to honor the fallen warriors of this great nation of ours. The following photos seek to remind all who read this, the real reason for Memorial Day.

The Colors have been flying at my home all weekend, if you live in the USA, I hope they've also flown at yours.

Take a moment and remember the men and women who've died for this country. No matter your political beliefs, they deserve our thanks and remembrance. That very act, of exercising whatever political beliefs you think correct, is a product of their sacrifice.

If you've served or are currently serving, I thank you for your service. If you have loved ones in harm's way, I wish them a safe return to their families and friends at the completion of their duty.

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Bucky said...

Amen, brother.

Far too few citizens respect our flag in this day of political correctness and liberal dreck.

Old Glory has flown continuously at our house since 9/12/2001. Two little floodlights come on below it at night for a proper display.