Thursday, April 06, 2017

Snowy Morning and a Good Sunset

Yesterday we woke to a little bit of snow in the Metro Denver area of the Colorado Front Range this morning.  The area around my home had perhaps an inch on the grassy areas, but the roads were clear by the time Scarlett and I headed out for pictures.

Temperatures were just north of freezing so I didn't even bother turning on the heated grips until about 30 minutes into the ride.

 Mount Evans in the distance

Pikes Peak was showing up nicely agaisnt
the clear blue skies

After work, Scarlett and I headed out to the usual Sunset watching spot near Quincy Avenue.  The clouds were promising, but I ended up shooting mostly in Sunset Mode on the Sony A5000 camera to bring out the colors more.

Sunset Mode pushes the reds and yellows more within the camera, the actual sunset colors weren't as rich.

The layers created by the clouds reminded me of Tiramisu...


SonjaM said...

Watching the most beautiful sunset and thinking of food... Dom, this must be a guy's thing.

Charlie6 said...

well, I was kind of hungry at the time... :)