Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Uraling to Cuchillo, NM

Making my way, slowly, back to Colorado.  Timing things to arrive after the forecasted snow on Thursday is gone.

Sunrise in Bowie proved to be quite nice:

Tonight's BLM campsite is the one I used on the way to Arizona back in January.  It's north of the town of Truth or Consequences, east of I-25 on the Mitchell Point exit.  I like it, no one around, but the weather was heavily overcast and cool.

Spent the day preparing for work this weekend, since that's when the maintenance windows are....

After work, I set out on Scarlett and decided to cruise over to the nearby town of Cuchillo.  The name means knife in Spanish so I was curious.  It's basically a settlement consisting of small homes, decaying RVs and delapidated structures...pretty much bypassed by time.  In fact, it's listed among New Mexico's ghost towns though I believe folks still live there.

I explored the roads leading out of Cuchillo, especially liked the one that climbed a ridge out of town.  The mountain peaks in the distance were too far for pictures though and tonight's sunset didn't occur as the rain clouds continue to darken the skies overhead.

I did find this overlook point on the ridge road, eased Scarlett near it's forward edge and got these pictures.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Uraling near the Indian Bread Rocks BLM Camp Site, Bowie, AZ

Homeward bound, I wish I was, homeward bound....oh wait, I am!

Laura, my SIL, has officially relieved me as care provider to my FIL as he is now home from the hospital and on the road to full recovery.

Richard, my FIL and Laura, my SIL

Ready to enjoy an eggroll....

I left Sun City in the rear view mirror and headed east along I-10 towards Tucson.  Once past Tucson, it was a couple more hours till a BLM campsite located near the small town of Bowie, AZ.

It was about 5 miles of dirt road but I did find a nice spot to park Uma, the URRV for the night.  

There's good 4G coverage, about 5 other RVs located within a one mile circle, no one close to me, the way I like it.

 My campsite for the night.

I had camp set up shortly after 5PM so I unloaded Scarlett and decided to see where the road I used ended up.  FYI it ends at the gates for the JJ ranch.  I guess it borders the BLM land?  There's cows ranging free all over the BLM land too.

Turning around at the ranch's closed gate, I got the following pics for your viewing pleasure.

The place has several crumbling rock domes and piles of rocks providing interesting backgrounds for pics and perhaps some exploration tomorrow.  I'm trying to figure out if I want to go visit the Very Large Array near Socorro, NM as I make my way slowly back to Colorado.  

I am going slowly as snow is expected in the Denver metro area on Thursday I think and so I want to time my arrival with dry roads.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Another week in Sun City, AZ

Not much moto content.

Spent another week keeping my FIL company in the hospital as he slowly but steadily recovers from heart surgery.

Scarlett did suffer from two flat tires though; the sidecar and pusher tires had to have their inner tubes replaced at the nearby powersports dealership.

In the process, found that the threads on the bracket that holds the pusher's brake caliper had stripped and so I had to order a part from Ski at Triquest as he had it onhand.  It's not a part that's regularly stocked so I lucked out on that.

Also found issues with the mounting hole for the aft bolt for the sidecar wheel's brake support bracket but a run through with the right tap (M10 x 1.25) from the local hardware store fixed the threads and a new similar bolt finished that repair.

$48, I may try to helicoil repair the old part
It's the upper right hole that had the stripped threads.

What I didn't luck out on was the time it took to ship the part from California to state over right?  Paid for two day delivery, got it in five.  Good old USPS, once again failing to meet expectations.

Because of a series of clear, cloudless days, not much in terms of sunset pictures since I wasn't going to ride Scarlett with an "iffy" brake assembly.  Probably doable but since there was no need.....

Instead, here's a couple of pics of a hummingbird looking for nectar in the Aloe Vera flowers located on my FIL's porch.

One evening as I was headed back to my FIL's condo, the sky was lit nicely in peach colors:

Friday's sunset was not bad, lots of pastel colors:

My sister-in-law, Laura, is scheduled to fly in tonight (assuming her flight isn't grounded by the current snow falling in the Detroit, MI area) and I'll be leaving Sun City soon after on my way back to Colorado.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Uraling to Nothing, AZ

Superbowl Sunday, and since I'm not a football fan, it was time to check out what there in the curiously named location: Nothing, Arizona.

I'd seen this name on a motorcycle roads map I had found at the dealership where I had them swap the inner tube on my sidecar's tire.  For $15 plus cost of a new inner tube I really couldn't see doing it myself you see.

Such a curious name eh?  Nothing.  More info here on wikipedia:  LINK

I rode out of the Sun City area along Grand Avenue aka US 60.  Note, traffic on this road sucks 24x7 until you get clear of Surprise, AZ.  Just saying.

Took two hours to ride Scarlett, going at 55 MPH as usual and being passed by one clusterf*ck of cagers after another.  I've confirmed that the speed limit, to the folks in Arizona who aren't snow birds, means its the minimum speed to drive their cars.
It had been a while since I saw so many morons passing on double yellow lines....

Still, made it Nothing with minimal fuss and found this:

Nothing, Arizona

It's dirt parking lot is basically a parking/rest area for traffic on US Highway 93 and you can see what structures remain are abandoned.  There is infrastructure for a cell tower just outside the picture frame above by the way.

Nearby, there's an entrance to BLM Land though its not marked that way or for that matter, in any way.  I confirmed it with the allstays app, the area is all BLM.  The "primitive" road is marked as FR 7678 and is pretty good condition for the most part.

I saw several nice and wide areas that would fit my motorhome quite nicely within the two miles or so I rode till I came to a cattle guard.  I turned around at this point as time was short and the afternoon hot.

I liked this BLM area but cell data reception wasn't great even with the nearby presence of a cell tower.  Still, there were interesting looking rock formations near the road and camping sites and views of distant hills and mountains.

Getting back on US93, now heading back towards Phoenix.  I stopped briefly to take a picture of a Joshua Tree.  The road traverses and is known as the Joshua Forest Parkway of Arizona; nice and straight and full of speeding idiots.  

Scarlett and a Joshua Tree

Entering once again into the Surprise, AZ area and US60....traffic became crappy as expected.  As I assume I'm invisible, I spotted this idiot female cager moving into my lane, in spite of me being in the way and blaring the horn on Scarlett.

I dodged around her, pulled up next to her and used some choice words to explain her failure to drive safely.  She gave me a blank and cowlike "what did I do wrong" look....

I turned off soon after, avoiding further crap on Grand Avenue and went to check in on my FIL who remains in ICU at the hospital post-surgery.  Progress is being made but there's still some stuff that needs work.

So, not exactly nothing at Nothing, AZ but close enough.  Still, it's a spot for boondocking to remember for someday when I've cast off the chains of having to have Internet access for work.